Real Name Odinsleep
Powers and Abilities Rejuvenates Odin
Team Affiliations Asgardians
Odinsleep is from the Yost Universe video Hulk vs Thor.

Odinsleep is a yearly event where the Allfather of Asgard recharges his power.


Physical Therapy
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To maintain the immense power required to protect his kingdom, the Allfather, in this case Odin, must spend a relatively brief period "sleeping."

During this time, the Allfather becomes extremely vulnerable and can be easily killed. The Allfather tasks the rest of Asgard with his protection in order to prevent Ragnarok.

Notable Events

During each Odinsleep, the enemies of Asgard gather together and lay siege to the city. It is up to the Asgardians to not only defend the Allfather but their home as well. They are often attacked by combinations of trolls, giants, Frost Giants, dark elves, and demons.

Over time, Odin's son Thor became disgruntled with having to repeat the cycle.

One year, the Asgardians were under attack by Executioner and Malekith among the usual foes. However, Odin's adopted son Loki wanted to finish off his "father" once and for all.

He went to Midgard and kidnapped Bruce Banner in oder to use his alter-ego the Hulk. He separated Bruce from Hulk then took control of the green giant.

The Loki-controlled-Hulk attacked Asgard and fought Thor. However, Hulk's own personality overpowered Loki and he broke free. Hulk, without Bruce or Loki, was pure rage and nearly killed Thor.

He saw the light emanating from Odin and went to destroy it. Hulk fought Balder, the Warriors Three, Brunhilde and the Valkyries, Frost Giants, Sif, and Amora.

He was about to strike down Odin in his Odinsleep but was stopped by Hela. When Hulk and Bruce were once again merged, Hela sent him back to Midgard. Odin then woke, fully charged.

Afterwards, he thanked Bruce for his sacrifice in helping to save Asgard.


First animated version of this state.

In the Comics

The name changes depending on who has the Allfather's power. For example, it became Thorsleep when Odin died and Thor became the Allfather.

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