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A nurse is a health care specialist. They often work alongside doctors in hospitals.


Physical Therapy
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Doctor Tends To Carol

At Midtown Hospital, an unnamed nurse tended to the comatose Carol Danvers. The doctor explained that she was a "Jane Doe" as they did not know her identity.

In Detroit when the Gamma Virus spread, an unnamed nurse helped Donald Blake tend to Betty Ross.


Another nurse was working in a United States of America army hospital. When General Thaddeus Ross, Betty's father, was taken in the hospital, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent calling herself Hybrid went in the hospital to possess him. Hybrid couldn't get close to him, so she possessed a random hospital nurse to become invisible except for her glowing red eyes. She was waiting for a moment when nobody would be near with general Ross.


When Betty left her father's room, the nurse went into the room. Her body began to glow green and Hybrid left the woman's face, no longer finding her necessary. The nurse fell unconscious.


It is possible, though unspecified, that the nurse working with Donald Blake is Thor supporting character Jane Foster.

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