Nova USM
Real Name Sam Alexander
Alternate Identity Nova
Powers and Abilities Flight, Energy Blasts, Enhanced Strength
Team Affiliations S.H.I.E.L.D.
Allies Iron Fist
Power Man
White Tiger
Nova is from the Non MAU series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Sam Alexander, also known as Nova, is a powerful teenage superhero. He was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. for a program to train teenaged heroes.


Physical Therapy
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Nova joined the group along with Iron Fist, Power Man, and White Tiger. The four also trained alongside Deadpool and were witness to Spider-Man's tryouts for the team, who they later assisted once he lost control of his then-recently acquired motorcycle. He and the hero instantly got off on the wrong foot, Nova even resulting to name calling. Despite this, he still came to his aid during a fight against the Frightful Four sans Trapster. The four were soon transferred to his school, where they introduced themselves out of their respective costumes.

Once the team started to become involved with Peter at the learning facility, the latter became angry over his continued interest in his friends. Sam got along well with Mary Jane Watson, which only troubled Peter further. As Peter confronted him, Sam made it clear to his teammate that he did not have any respect for him, which was followed by them getting detention thanks to their Principal Coulson. After learning that their detention was in reality a ploy to get them away from their classes and together as a group, the five were given a heads up by Nick Fury as Nova continued to clash with Spider-Man. After a test to see who was better, Fury lashed out at the two and punished them with the rest of the team. As part of a plan to make themselves look better in his eyes, Nova joined with the rest of the team in going after Doctor Doom. Once they arrived at Latveria, the five were confronted by the villain and managed to defeat him as a unit. As they brought him back to the helicarrier, they learned that he was merely a robot replica as Doombots came out of the duplicate and scattered across the aircraft.

While the group opted to split up, Nova ignored the orders of Spider-Man until realizing an extend of his powers could prove detrimental to the robots. Once the two met up again, they gained a new understanding for each other and Nova talked to Mary Jane again. After the real Doctor Doom tried to intimidate the team, Nova rushed off to confront him. At a party for Harry Osborn, he was briefly bonded to the symbiote. It left him to bond with Spider-Man to form Venom. Venom fought him until Spider-Man fought free of it.


Nova is voiced by Logan Miller.

In the Comics

Sam is the newest member of the Nova Corps.

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