Alternate Identity Jean-Paul Beuabier
Powers and Abilities Super Speed, Flight, Light Manipulation
Team Affiliations Alpha Flight
Physical Therapy
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Northstar was a mutant with the ability to fly and generate a blinding light when he slapped hands with his sister Aurora. He was of French Canadian origin.


Northstar on Genosha

Northstar was among the hostages/prisoners of the island nation of Genosha. He, along with many other mutants, provided slave labor for the government using their mutant skills for such tasks as building dams and the like. They wore special collars that restrict them from using their powers to escape and sleep in prison-like cells. They eventually escaped Genosha with the help of the X-Men.

Northstar returned to the Canadian Special Forces team Alpha Flight, which tried to convince former member Wolverine to re-join.


In the comics, Northstar and his sister were Canadian as well however, in the comics he was homosexual. Also in the comics, he was a member of the X-Men and could use his light manipulation powers without having to slap his hands with Aurora’s.

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