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New Avengers is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The New Avengers are a group of superheros who come together when either the Avengers need more help or are unavailable.


  • Iron Fist/Danny Rand: An expert in martial arts and able to channel his chi. A member of the Heroes for Hire. Helped Hank Pym recover stolen technology.
  • Luke Cage/Power Man: Incredibly strong with unbreakable skin. The other half of Heroes for Hire and also helped Pym recover his technology.
  • Spider-Man/Peter Parker: The leader of the team. Can climb on walls, shoot and swing from webs, and sense danger. A typically lone superhero. Helped Captain America improve his image after the Skrull invasion.
  • Thing/Benjamin Grimm: Incredibly strong with orange rock-like appearance. Also part of the Fantastic Four. Helped the Avengers fight dark elves and Doctor Doom.
  • War Machine/James Rhodes: Uses a variant armor to Iron Man's armor. He is a close friend to Tony.
  • Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett: Has an unbreakable adamantium skeleton, six razor sharp claws, and healing factor. Also a member and leader of the X-Men. Fought with Captain America on the Howling Commandos during World War II.


Iron Man realized that if anything happened to the entire Avengers team that the world would need another group of Earth's mightiest heroes. He looked through the files of various superheroes and chose a team he thought would work well together.

One day, Kang came from the future in another attempt to conqueror the planet. This time he seemingly killed the entire Avengers and Iron Man's protocols went into affect. JARVIS gathered the chosen team. Together they fought Kang. Spider-Man found that the Avengers were in a temporal void and released them. The two teams defeated Kang.

Later, the team joined the Avengers and other heroes when Galactus and his heralds tried to destroy Earth.


The first version of the characters seen in animation.

In the Comics

The Avengers disbanded after Scarlet Witch went insane and killed many of her teammates. The world went for years without Avengers.

The New Avengers were formed when there was a breakout at the Raft. Many heroes went there to stop it though some got out. They decided that the world still needed the Avengers and formed the new team.

The original team was comprised of Captain America, Spider-Man, Veranke (as Spider-Woman), Luke Cage, and Iron Man.

Wolverine joined after he had been brainwashed and tried to kill several heroes. Captain America thought it would help his image.

Other members who have appeared in the universe are Hawkeye as Ronin, Winter Soldier as Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Mockingbird.

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