Nazi Party
Nazi Flag
Members Red Skull
Former Members Adolf Hitler
Baron Zemo

The Nazis were Germany's rulers during World War II and are infamous for the starting of the Holocaust.



Logan Scratches Nazi Symbol

Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany after World War I, claiming that he could deliver Germany to its glory days. Hitler did not live through as he started one of the most sinister events in history!

When the Allied forces created a serum for super soldiers, they tried to recreate the serum but the result was not a super soldier but the Red Skull. The Skull later manipulated John Hardeski into stealing the serum for him but Hardeski refused to hand it over.


Hitler then sent out his general, Baron Heinrich Zemo to kill Captain America, but the plan backfired and Zemo died instead. Hitler became desperate and began to fear that the war would be lost if he didn’t figure something out soon. Red Skull, realizing this, created the Doomsday Weapon, which would make the Axis powers invincible.

Red Skull almost succeeded in Project Doomsday, but he ended up trapped in the doomsday vortex with Captain America. Hitler eventually lost the war an committed suicide to avoid arrest.

Modern Days

Nazi Remnants

Remnants of the Nazi Party attempted to reclaim a small country they had previously taken over. Unfortunately for them, Magneto and Charles Xavier were working in the area and stopped them. Magneto wanted to punish them more but Xavier stopped them. This eventually led to the two separating.

The Nazis, unfortunately, did not end with Hitler’s death. Zemo’s son Baron Helmut Zemo carried on the fight against Captain America and the Avengers. The Red Skull, his son Rhienholdt Kragov, and the Chameleon continued Project Doomsday, but the Six American Warriors and Spider-Man defeated them.


Adolf Hitler

Hitler was more of an invisible hand operating behind the scenes than an actual opponent. He is responsible for much suffering in almost all shows.

Baron Heinrich Zemo


One of Hitler's main generals. Hitler sent him out to destroy Captain America when event were turning against the Nazis. he was killed in a rock slide that happened during the fight. His son, Baron Zemo, attempted to avenger his father death however, Zemo was unsuccessful.

Red Skull

The Red Skull was the Nazis first attempt at a super soldier. He functioned as one of Hitler's master spies and invented the Doomsday Weapon.


The Nazi party is strongly hinted at but unnamed.

While the Swastika was prevented from being used, the Parteiadler is prominently seen.

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