Nasty Boys
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Members Mister Sinister
Gorgeous George
Former Members Morph

The Nasty Boys are a group of mutants who serve Mister Sinister.


Morph was a member while brainwashed by Sinister but when his mind recovered he left.


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The Nasty Boys kidnapped Jean Grey and Cyclops following their wedding. The X-Men rescued them.

When the X-Men came to the Savage Land in search of Magneto and Charles Xavier they lost their powers and were captured by the Nasty Boys. Morph, Wolverine, and Ka-Zar rescued the team and the Nasty Boys were defeated.

They later helped Apocalypse kidnap various psychics but were defeated by the X-Men again.


Vertigo was a member of Mister Sinister's Marauders, but not the Nasty Boys.

In the Comics

They are all men.

There is a team member named Ramrod. He has yet to be adapted outside the comics.

A copy of Multiple Man once joined.

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