Alternate Identity Quenton Beck
Powers and Abilities Master of Illusion
Team Affiliations Insidious Six
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Mysterio impersonated Spider-Man and committed crimes, bashing the wall crawlers less than sterling reputation in the process. His hatred for Spider-Man began when Spider-Man stopped Beck's plans to sabotage a film set, and was arrested for doing so. He swore revenge on the wall crawler.

Upon his release, he used his skills as a special FX artist and stuntman to create artificial ways to duplicate Spider-Man's powers. With his 'powers' he began to commit robberies to fund his criminal activities and ruin Spider-Man, while also posing as the "heroic" Mysterio to stop him. After his efforts failed and his plot was uncovered, he was sent to prison, where he was eventually released by Kingpin to join The Insidious Six.

The Mighty Mysterio.

After escaping again, he returned to Wonder Studios to gather his equipment. He discovered Miranda Wilson near death, and hooked her mind to machinery in order to keep her alive. He began to commit robberies to pay for the machinery until Spider-Man stopped him. Miranda had kidnapped Mary Jane to transfer herself into MJ's body, but Mysterio revealed that the body transplant device was a fake, created to giver Miranda hope. When Miranda decided to self-destruct the machine rather than live disfigured, Mysterio chose to stay behind to die with his love.

Mysterio's place in the Insidious Six was later taken by the Vulture.

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