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Mutants are from the Non MAU universe Christopher Yost Animated Universe.

Mutants are an offshoot sub-species of humanity who are born with genetic abnormalities. That has been granted them abilities, an appearance, or powers beyond the normal variation expressed in the human genome.

Known Mutants


Brotherhood of Mutants



Inner Circle

Weapon X/Team X

Alternate Future X-Men

Other Mutants

Anti-Mutant Sentiment

Because they are different they are hated by many normal humans, such as Warren Worthington II and Senator Robert Kelly. They created the Sentinels as a way of dealing with them. However, Master Mold would have taken over the world were it not for the X-Men.


Mutants have been around for a very long time. Apocalypse has been around since ancient times and Wolverine fought with Captain America, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos in World War II.

An explosion at the Xavier Mansion causes Charles Xavier and Jean Grey to disappear. A year later the X-Men have disband and mutants are being hunted by the Mutant Response Division. Wolverine reforms the team with Beast, Iceman, Shadowcat, Forge, Cyclops, and Emma Frost. Former X-Man Rogue joins the Brotherhood of Mutants. Senator Robert Kelly proposes the Mutant Registration Act. Warren Worthington III uses his wealth to rebuild the Mansion. The X-Men find comatose Xavier in the nation of Genosha under the care of Magneto. Xavier contacts the team from a dystopian future twenty years in the future where he woke up from his coma to find Sentinels roam around looking for mutants while all the X-Men have died.

The X-Men saves Storm from the Shadow King. Gambit steals something from the X-Men and Wolverine must get it back. Nightcrawler fights pirates and falls in love with Scarlet Witch. Wolverine has a rematch with the Hulk. The X-Men attempt to stop the destruction of Genosha forewarned by Xavier. The team tries to find Master Mold. Meanwhile in the future Xavier forms a new X-Men team. Nightcrawler discovers that Magneto's paradise is not all it seems as he is holding several mutants in an underground dungeon. Mystique breaks into the Mansion and captures Nightcrawler. Wolverine recovers part of his past from Weapon X and encounters Sabretooth. Warren Worthington Jr. discovers a "cure" for mutants.

Cyclops lets Emma enter his mind to erase his memories of Jean only to discover the cause of the explosion. The reason is Jean Grey, who became the Phoenix. Emma finds that the Hellfire Club knew about Phoenix and sides with the X-Men against them. They find her without memories at a hospital. The X-Men convince Magneto and Kelly to reach an agreement. However, Magneto uses Mystique to start a war by having Sentinels attack Genosha, then reprogramming them to attack humans. Magneto is defeated and banished from Genosha, while Emma seemingly sacrifices herself to stop the Phoenix. From the future Xavier informs the X-Men that the first dystopian future has been erased only to be replaced by another.

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