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A group of mutants called the X-Men
Real Name Mutant
Alternate Identity Homo Superior
Powers and Abilities Genetic anomaly that grants superpowers
Team Affiliations X-Men
Brotherhood of Mutants
Horsemen of Apocalypse

Mutants are human beings born with a genetic anomaly that grants them super human powers. It is thought that this is the next stage of human evolution.

Their status is highly controversial and those who are mutants often face hatred and prejudice from normal humans.

The scientific name is often been called Homo Superior, though this was mostly stated by those who believed in mutant dominance.


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The exact science behind mutation is unknown. The gene does manifest itself when the person is a teenager. Some mutations emerge earlier when the person experiences great stress. In rare cases, a physical mutation is visible at birth.

There is little rhyme or reason to what power a person has. It appears completely random. Some powers are merely physical and others provide abilities. Many mutants can pass off as a normal human being, but many others are too deformed for normal society.

There are often secondary mutations, where a person has two abilities rather than one. Sometimes, these are caused by accidents or designs.

Families are unable to use their powers on each other.

It is possible that two mutant parents could produce a normal human child.


Humans born as mutants date back to ancient Egypt when Apocalypse was born. He is an extremely powerful mutant with vast powers. It is unknown why he is so much more powerful than other normal mutants, and why there no known others at the same time.

The modern emergence of mutants began sometime before World War II with the birth of the man known as Logan. Eric Magnus was a child during the war and put into Concentration Camps.

In the later half of the twentieth century, mutation became widely known as many others emerged. Many began forming teams such as the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. However, this emergence has caused backlash among normal humans beings. They then built the Sentinels to deal with what they perceived as a threat.

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