Real Name Multiverse
Allies Asgard
Axis of Time
Family and Friends Age of Apocalypse
Days of Future Past
Dormammu's Dimension
Legacy Virus Future
Negative Zone
Prime Universe
Real World Universe
Spider-Carnage Universe
Spider-Man (Armored) Universe
Spider-Man (Mechanical Arms) Universe
Spider-Man (Six Arms) Universe

The multiverse is the collection of various universe, dimensions, and possible timelines. Each universe exists on its own but are usually similar to each other. Many of these universe are the result of decisions that were changed via time travel.

There are also other realms and dimensions within a particular universe.

Known Universes


  • Asgard: Home to the ancient Norse God figures such as Thor, Odin, and Heimdall. Not another dimension but a separate realm within the Prime Universe.
  • Axis of Time: A location that exists outside of time, and the inherent possible universe caused by that. Home to Bender who acts as the janitor.
  • Limbo: A negative space that exists between dimensions. Discovered by Tony Stark as a way to transport items between far distances. Last known location of Green Goblin.


Spider-Carnage found a way to destroy all the universes at once. By the time it reached the dimension of the Beyonder and Madame Web, they stopped time and reversed it. They then trained various Spider-Men across the multiverse to fight Spider-Carnage. The Spider-Men manged to stop his initial device as well as his attempts to destroy each universe individually.

Apocalypse took over the Axis of Time using the psychics of the Prime Universe, but was defeated by Bishop, Cable, and the X-Men.


Not actually named.

The universes are numbered by the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. The universe detailed here were first numbered in Volume Five.

Technically speaking, all alternate universes exist within the same Marvel Multiverse. For the purpose of this site, this page details the various universe that exist within the Marvel Animated Universe.

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