Alternate Identity Mousie
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Maria Taina Elizando

Mousie is a taxi driver in New York City.


Physical Therapy
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Mousie drove a cab, but she was not to be taken advantage of. A man tried to get a free ride from her by ducking out when it came time to pay for it and she promptly restrained him in an arm lock and delivered him to local police to be arrested. She was quoted as saying, "I may not know karate, but I know crazy." At some point, Mousie came across the superhero Spider-Man and was helped by him. She never forgot and always wanted to help him.

She was driving her taxi when Maria Taina Elizando waved her down. She did not believe her story that Doctor Octopus had brainwashed Spider-Man. She eventually believed the girl. She then got all the taxis in the city to help find Spider-Man. They found him and his memory returned to him. Spider-Man then took Maria away as Doctor Octopus was arrested.


Mousie was voiced by Anne-Marie Johnson.

She is an original character.

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