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Morris Bench
Morris Bench SSM.jpg
Real Name Morris Bench
Alternate Identity Morrie
Allies Norman Osborn
Donald Menken
Peter Parker
Morris Bench is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Morris Bench, also called Morrie for short, is a demolitions expert working for Norman Osborn.


Little is known about Morris's early life.

Morris was hired by Osborn to demolish a tenement next door to OsCorp Industries. His plan was to build his new Research and Development Department on the site.

Morris set explosives throughout the building. His plan was to cascade the explosions so that the building imploded in on itself. He built the devices so they could be activated remotely.

Osborn planned to demolish the building on New Year's Eve. The day of, Morris arrived early in the morning to set up the devices.

Eventually, Osborn showed up with a young boy named Peter Parker. Osborn thanked the boy for coming and Peter told him that teenagers loved a little epic destruction.

Morris explains his profession

They walked over and Norman introduced Peter to Morris. Peter crouched next to him and asked if the devices were wireless. Morris told him they were and explained how they would destroy the building.

Osborn's assistant Donald Menken approached and began speaking about a man named Adrian Toomes. Osborn stopped him and told Peter to find a seat. The boy left down the stairs.

Donald went on saying that their operatives scoured the city but found no sign of Toomes.

Realizing a problem

Just then, Morris noticed that something was wrong with the timers. They were going on their own and with only thirty seconds left.

He told the others and Osborn told him to shut them down. Morris tried his codes but they did not work. He explained that he was locked out.

All gonna die

Realizing their impending demise, Morris stood saying they could never get clear in time.

The superhero Spider-Man appeared and wondered why Morris was so down. He gathered the three heroes and shot out webs around them. He asked if they were comfortable.

Norman then asked if Peter was fine. Spider-Man claimed the boy was clear. He then let go of the three.

Clear of the blast area

The three men were shot out of the building and into a web the hero had set up. They were safe as the explosives went off.

Spider-Man managed to avoid damage by dodging the debris. He eventually emerged from the smoke unharmed.

It is unknown what happened of Morris afterwards.


Morris Bench was voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.

This is the only time he is shown as Morrie before his aquatic transformation. All other comics, television series, video games, and theater productions have introduced him as already having become Hydro-Man.

In the Comics

He is known as the supervillain Hydro-Man. It is unknown if, had the series gone on, he would have become the aqua-based villain.

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