Molecule Man
Molecule Man (Fantastic Four (1967))
Alternate Identity Molecule Man
Powers and Abilities Molecular Manipulation
Allies Blastaar
Molecule Man is from the Non MAU series Fantastic Four.

Molecule Man is a villain that is able to rearrange an objects molecular structure to change it into something else.


Before gaining super-powers, Molecule Man was an unnamed lab technician at a nuclear power plant. The man accidentally caused a lab explosion and was exposed to massive amounts of radiation. This accident gave him the power to control molecules and he took the name Molecule Man.

Several years later, Molecule Man publicly demonstrated his powers and announced that he was now the ruler of the world. However, the Fantastic Four defied Molecule Man.

Molecule Man later used his power to destroy all military weapons so the military wouldn't be able to stop him.

Mister Fantastic later discovered that Molecular Man's powers were unable to affect electricity. So Mister Fantastic created a device to coat objects in electricity.

When the Fantastic Four fought Molecule Man, Mister Fantastic coated objects in electricity so Molecule Man couldn't use his powers. Mister Fantastic then used the radiation from a meteor he discovered to take away Molecule Man's powers. However, the lab technician was unable to remember anything that happened after the accident in the lab.

Molecule Man, Klaw, and Blastaar went the Tribunal of Evil and told the judge that they wished to press charges on the Fantastic Four. The judge had the Fantastic Four kidnapped and brought before him and the tribunal. After the faux trial the Fantastic Four fought and defeated the judge, Molecule Man, Klaw, and Blastaar.


He was voiced by Henry Corden.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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