Mole Man
Mole Man (Spider-Man (1967)).PNG
Mugs Riley in his Mole Man costume
Real Name Mugs Riley
Alternate Identity Mole Man
The Mole
Team Affiliations Mole Men
Mole Man is from the Non MAU series, Spider-Man.

Mugs Riley is a criminal that took the identity of Mole Man to rule the Mole Men.


Mugs Reilly (Spider-Man (1967)).png

Mugs Riley was a bank robber that somehow discovered a group of subterranean creatures known as the Mole Men. Mugs Riley disguised himself as a mole man and became their king. Riley, now going by Mole Man, had the Mole Men build a giant drilling machine that he used to drill a hole beneath the foundation of banks which caused them to fall into the underground land of the Mole Men. Spider-Man captured Mole Man and removed his mask revealing to the Mole Men that he was a human named Mugs Riley that was wanted for bank robbery. The Mole Men apologized for staling buildings from the surface and returned them to their rightful place. Spider-Man then handed Mugs Riley over to the authorities.

Mugs Riley later escaped prison and once again became king of the Mole Men. Like before Riley used a drilling machine to steal the banks of New York City. Riley intended to get revenge on Spider-Man. Spider-Man captured Riley. However, Riley was able to break free from Spider-Man's webbing and tried to shoot him. However, Riley accidentally shot some equipment and the explosion caused a cave-in. Riley was trapped under ground and Spider-Man returned to the surface.


Mole Man was voiced by Tom Harvey.

While there is a Mole Man in the comics, this specific version of Mole Man is original to Spider-Man.

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