Moira MacTaggert
Moira MacTaggert
Real Name Moira MacTaggert
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Joseph MacTaggert (Ex-Husband)
Kevin MacTaggert (Son)
Charles Xavier (Ex-Boyfriend)
Banshee (Boyfriend)

Moira MacTaggert is an expert in mutants and an old friend of Charles Xavier.


Moira created the Center for Mutant Research on Muir Island, Scotland.

She is one of the world's leading scientists, specializing in studying powerful mutants and even helping them develop their powers. She is a close and trusted friend of Charles Xavier whom she worked closely with in her medical and scientific research. Moira described the bond the two shared "he has given everything for his work, for his students; his X-Men as for friends I am the only one he has." She married Joseph MacTaggert and had a mutant son named Kevin. Her husband's cold, dismissive and neglectful nature towards their son Kevin's mutant powers and lack of involvement in the boy's left became too much for Moira to bare and she divorced him. After this, she became romantically involved with the mutant Banshee. When Kevin escaped the hospital and went searching for his father, the boy went on a rampage in the process. Charles and the X-Men immediately came to Moira's aid with Charles being able to reach out to and bond with the troubled boy in a way that his father couldn't. She tried to free Jean Grey from the Phoenix Force but was unsuccessful. She was taken over by the Phalanx. She then assisted the X-Men in contacting the Shi'ar Lilandra to help Xavier when he was dying.


Moira was voiced by Lally Cadeau.

Currently the only animated version of the character. Though Marvel Anime: X-Men features a similar character named Yui Sasaki.

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