Real Name Mjolnir
Alternate Identity Cane
Powers and Abilities Allows Only the Worthy to Pick it Up
Controls Weather
Space Travel
Opens Portals
Apparent Consciousness
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Thor
Donald Blake
Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider

Mjolnir is the magical Uru hammer hailing from the realm of Asgard and is wielded by Thor. The hammer aids Thor in his adventures and provides him with numerous powers and abilities.

It appears to be a large, square-headed gray war hammer. The head is larger than human hammers typically are. It has a short, wrapped round handle with a brown looped strap so that it can hang off Thor's arm or belt.


Mjolnir can only be picked up by those it deems worthy, which only appears to be Thor. To anyone else it will seem to be an immovable object that even the strongest beings cannot move. Both Thing and Hulk tried to stop it but neither was successful. Thing ended up flying away with it while Hulk tore apart a road trying to stop it.

Thor Swings Charged Mjolnir

Thor is highly skilled at wielding Mjolnir in a wide range of tactics. He can use it offensively as a war hammer. Thor is able to charge Mjolnir with his lightning powers for an even more devastating blow. He is deadly accurate at throwing the hammer. He can also use it to defend himself against powerful blows.

Donald Cane

To live a normal human life on Earth, Thor becomes Dr. Donald Blake. Along that same line, Mjolnir transforms into a cane for Donald to hold. Donald has a limp and requires one to walk. Donald need only tap the cane onto the ground to transform them both into Thor and Mjolnir.

Mjolnir Floats

The hammer is capable of flight at high speeds, including space travel. It can also float and hover. Thor can remotely command the hammer to return to him if he loses it. He can also send it out to far off locations.

Mjolnir Space

Mjolnir does seem to have some level of intelligence. When Thor asked for the Fantastic Four it knew to head to the Four Freedoms Plaza in New York City on Earth to find them. It was also able to guide Thor into the salt mines below Detroit to find the Hulk even though he had no idea where the green giant was exactly.

Mjolnir helps Thor to sense great and powerful beings, often those who would threaten the safety of Earth. It was able to sense the power of both the Phoenix Force and Ego when they threatened to destroy Earth.

Thor Opens Portal

Through Mjolnir, Thor is able to open portals through the fabric of space. Using this method he can teleport across great distances, even across the galaxy. Though it seems that Thor needs to command Mjolnir to do this since the hammer was unable to do this when he was unconscious in space.

Thor Swings Hammer

Mjolnir provides Thor with the power of flight in an atmosphere and through space. To do so, Thor swings Mjolnir around, likely to gain momentum, and follows it through the air. It is never specified if Thor is capable of flight himself or if he requires the help of Mjolnir. It is also unknown just how fast he can fly.

Thor Charges Mjolnir

The hammer amplifies the weather controlling abilities of Thor. He is able to control the weather, much as the mutant Storm is able to. He can command tornados, call storms, and fire bolts of lightning from Mjolnir. His lightning is powerful enough to hurt the planet Ego, though not do sufficient damage. He was even able to charge the mighty Galactus with his lightning to keep him from destroying Earth.

Like Thor, Mjolnir is seemingly indestructible. It survived entering the Earth's atmosphere, crashing through the Four Freedoms Plaza, and being stopped by Thing. Hulk punched Thor and was blocked by Mjolnir. Despite the green giant's great strength, he did not damage whatsoever to Mjolnir.

Mjolnir Becomes Cane

Mjolnir does cause Thor one major weakness. If he does loses Mjolnir for a certain amount of time he will revert to the mortal Donald Blake. It is not specified how long this period is or if it changes with the conditions of Thor's environment. This can come in an inconvenient time such as when he battled with the Hulk when he only lost Mjolnir for a relatively short amount of time.

However, there do appear to be exceptions to this rule. Thor sent Mjolnir to space from an asteroid field and remained Thor until the Fantastic Four arrived. It is possible that, in some sort of defense mechanism, Thor will not revert to Donald if he is in an environment or situation that would quickly kill Donald, such as the depths of space.


Early History


The early history of Mjolnir is unknown. It chose to be wielded by the God of Thunder, Thor. It was forged in the realm of realm of Asgard. It fought many foes with Thor, including giants.

At some point, Mjolnir came to Earth with Thor. It helped Thor become the strongest known superhero. They both became well known to all other superheroes, such as the Fantastic Four. Thor also heard about other heroes and their exploits.

Avengers Assemble Part One

Thor eventually joined the Avengers, a group of the most prominent heroes, along with Captain America and Iron Man though he eventually left the team.

As part of living on Earth, Thor was tied to a human doctor named Donald Blake. Donald had a limp requiring the use of a cane. To aid Thor, Mjolnir became the cane that Donald uses.

Donald Becomes Thor

To transform, Donald would chant and tap the cane onto the ground. He would then turn into Thor and the cane would become Mjolnir. However, if Thor let go of Mjolnir for a long enough time he would become Donald Blake again and Mjolnir would transform into the cane.

Thor Phoenix Response

As Thor stood on a rooftop, Mjolnir sense when Jean Grey became the Dark Phoenix. Thor raised Mjolnir and it began to glow. Doctor Strange and Uatu also noticed the transformation.

The Living Planet

At one time, Thor stood upon a large mountain as a great storm built. Mjolnir sensed a great presence approaching Earth. He lifted up Mjolnir to twirl it around and open a portal into deep space. As the colorful energies surrounded him, Thor leapt up and away from the planet.

Thor Encounters Ego

He left the portal deep into space and beheld Ego, the living planet. Ego wanted to destroy Earth as Galactus, his arch rival, had spared the planet and he thought they were allies. Thor could not allow that to happen and attacked.

Thor charged Mjolnir and fired a lightning bolt at Ego destroying one of the planet's tentacles. He then flew down closer to Ego's surface.

Thor flew around but Ego formed a large wave that washed Thor away.

Thor Ego Tornado

The God got up and pushed back a tornado that Ego sent towards him. Ego suddenly pushed stalk up and smacked Thor from below. As Thor tumbled away the stalk melted back into the planet.

Back in space, Ego blasted Thor with his eye beams. The attack was too much for him and he flew back defeated.

Thor managed to grab onto an asteroid where he became unconscious. He sent out Mjolnir to find some help. It is unknown if he sent it specifically to the Fantastic Four or if Mjolnir decided on the team itself.

Mjolnir Comes to Earth

Mjolnir flew to Earth. However, it's approach caused massive problems across the globe. A massive earthquake happened in New York City, the sky appeared to be on fire, Spain had floods, a hurricane hit Tahiti, fires broke out, and volcanoes erupted.

The Fantastic Four and the Avengers helped save people in New York, but Mister Fantastic studied the reason for all the disasters. He found that it was caused by Mjolnir thanks to a tachyon radar, though he did not know it was Mjolnir.

Mjolnir Comes to Four Freedoms Plaza

Mjolnir became engulfed in a fire ball. It traveled through space and approached Earth. As it entered the atmosphere it headed towards New York. As it entered the city, it headed towards the Four Freedoms Plaza.

Mjolnir Enters Four Freedoms Plaza

Mjolnir burst through the building's roof and broke into Reed Richard's Lab. It bounced around the lab as the four protected themselves. As it neared Thing, he grabbed a metal bar and batted it away. However, the force of Mjolnir made him drop the bar, now on fire, onto his foot.

Mjolnir Intro

As the flames surrounding it died down, Mister Fantastic saw that it was Mjolnir. He recognized it as the hammer of Thor. Thing rubbed his aching foot and wondered why the God didn't just knock.

Having found the team, Mjolnir floated up to lead the team out of the building. Thing leapt up and grabbed the hammer, but Mjolnir pulled him out with it. Mjolnir flew into the sky carrying Thing. Mister Fantastic stretched after him.

Thing let go of the hammer and fell. Mister Fantastic caught him and stretched them back into the building. Mister Fantastic knew that Mjolnir would return to Thor. He realized that it was a summons and they were meant to follow.

Mjolnir left the atmosphere once again and was set ablaze. The Fantastic Four left the Plaza in their space ship and followed.

Mister Fantastic told Thing to follow the trail of energy. Thing joked that he hadn't lost a hammer yet. Mjolnir led the team past the Earth's moon and flew into the Asteroid Belt.

Thor Unconscious Asteroid

Mjolnir returned to Thor's arm as the team arrived to help him.

Invisible Woman put on a space suit and opened the side hatch. She used her powers to pull Thor into the ship and closed the door.

Torch Examines Thor

The team put Thor in a large pod so that he could heal. Human Torch stood over looking at him while Mister Fantastic set up the device. Invisible Woman wondered what could have happened to him, the most powerful being on Earth.

Listening from the cockpit, Thing glared at Thor wondered when anyone could get stronger than him. Human Torch joked that it had been a while.

Human Torch walked over to Mister Fantastic and wondered what they could do to something that had already defeated Thor. However, for once Mister Fantastic didn't have an answer.

The Four continued their flight and headed into a large green cloud. They suddenly spotted the enormous tentacles of Ego floating in space. Ego then called to them. The ship left the cloud and beheld his form. The surface morphed into a large phase and he eye blasted the ship.

Sue Lifts Thor

Thing struggled to right the ship and barely missed the tentacles. The four screamed and Thor's pod was shaken loose. It rolled forward and broke against the wall. Invisible Woman looked back and used her powers to lift Thor to safety.

Mister Fantastic told Thing to pull up but he was already trying as the ship continued their spiral towards Ego. Human Torch got up to help Thor into a seat while Invisible Woman kept him steady.

Mister Fantastic asked thing if he could land and he responded that he would try if he had a landing strip. Human Torch registered the atmosphere and noted that there was breathable levels of oxygen on Ego.

Human Torch flew out the side hatch and created a landing strip allowing Thing to land. The Four left the ship but where quickly ensnared by Ego.

Thor woke up and left the ship. He watched as Human Torch burned the tentacles, Invisible Woman expanded the tentacles allowing her brother to grab her, and Mister Fantastic stretched out. Thing broke the tentacle but was stuck in the mud.

Mjolnir Flips Thing

Thor spoke up and announced his presence so that Thing would not worry. He twirled Mjolnir and threw it towards Thing. Thing grabbed onto Mjolnir and it pulled him out of the mud. It then turned and flipped Thing into a puddle and returned to Thor.

Thing stood and walked over to Thor. He was angry that saying that the God was making him angry. Mister Fantastic quickly stretched down and stopped Thing. He turned to Thor and thanked him for his help.

Thor then thanked Mister Fantastic for saving him. Behind them, Human Torch and Invisible Woman landed. Thor told the group that time was short and they needed to talk. He then pointed towards the Sidereal Thruster Rocket.

Thor Flies With FF

Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and Thing got into the Fanstasticar and flew along Human Torch and Thor as they made their way towards the engine. Thor told them of how he first encountered the planet.

Ego then appeared in a large cloud. He fired his eye beams that caused them all pain forcing them to fall. Thor saw that Mister Fantastic was going to fall onto large spiky crystals that suddenly formed. Thor swooped down and grabbed him before he hit.

Thor landed with Mister Fantastic as did Human Torch and Invisible Woman. They saw Thing fighting mud creatures that Ego had formed, the Fantasticar having crashed.

Thor Saves Thing From Ego Creatures

Mister Fantastic told them all to head towards the thruster while Human Torch blocked the way. Thor swung his hammer and flew up grabbing Thing along the way.

Human Torch created a large wall of flames around the thruster. Thor and Thing landed among the others. Mister Fantastic examined the rocket but realized it was on a scale he thought impossible. Though he felt the technology was similar to something he had seen before.

Thing walked forward suggesting that they simply destroy the rockets to stop Ego. Thor walked forward and agreed. Thing punched the metal but he merely hurt his hands.

Mjolnir Hits Ego Thruster

Thor threw Mjolnir and it hit but did no damage. It returned to Thor and he wondered what metal could withstand his blow. Thing shook his hands wondering the same thing.

Mister Fantastic theorized that whatever powered the machine also protected it. He then realized that there was only one being in the galaxy that could destroy the engines. He believes they were built by Galactus.

Invisible Woman follows his thoughts and is shocked that he would ask their enemy for help, but he was serious. Thor told them that tales of Galactus has reached even Asgard. Thing informs him that they have encountered him before and were not on his Christmas card list.

Mister Fantastic explains that since his last attack on Earth, he has been monitoring Galactus' movements on a sub-space radar. He then asked Thor that if he could give the coordinates to him if Thor would transport them to Galactus.

Thor Explains Mjolnir Travel

Thor informed them that Mjolnir could only carry him and one other. He asked if Mister Fantastic was ready to face the devourer of worlds with only himself at his side. Human Torch then landed besides them. Mister Fantastic told Thor that he had to do it.

The others walked up to the two. Mister Fantastic told Human Torch to get Thing and his wife back to the ship. They would have to join him when he returned with Galactus. He then told Thing to remove the auxiliary power packs to slow Ego down. However, he warned him that they are extremely explosive.

Thor watched as Invisible Woman held her husband and told him to be careful and shared a kiss.

Thor Teleports Away

Thor told them to stand back while he opened a portal. He twirled Mjolnir causing lightning arcs to spark around them. Mister Fantastic stepped next to Thor and both were consumed by the bright light. As it dissipated the two disappeared.

Thor and Mister Fantastic exited the portal near a planet that Galactus had just consumed. They flew through an asteroid field with ships floating and flying about.

Thor Reed Space

Mister Fantastic noted that Galactus had just fed. Thor wondered why he would ally himself with a creature like that. The human claimed that they had no choice.

They had been spotted by the planet eater and he sent out a beam of light. The light him them and they disappeared.

The two reappeared in a large ship. They were greeted by Terrax the Tamer, the new Herald of Galactus after the Silver Surfer. He pointed to a large door revealing his master waiting for the two heroes.

Galactus told Mister Fantastic that the two were unwelcome there. He turned to face the two and said that their time is up. His eyes began to glow red.

Thor Intimidates Galactus

Thor raised Mjolnir saying that he brought down giants larger than Galactus. Mister Fantastic stopped him and pleaded with Galactus to hear them out.

The platform they were standing on suddenly raised. Galactus wondered why he should involve himself with "petty mortal affairs." Mister Fantastic explained that the planet eater was the reason for Earth's destruction.

Mister Fantastic explained to Galactus about Ego threatening Earth. Terrax interrupted to say that Galactus does not care about their fates. Galactus stopped him and revealed that only Ego's power has challenged his own.

Galactus explained that Ego tried to destroy the galaxy Galactus claimed as his own and fought him. Galactus stood on his ship and fired his massive energies at Ego. Ego smiled and shields himself. Galactus fires more but each simply reflect off the shield.

Galactus attached the rockets to Ego to exile him into the vastness of space. Ego looked horrified as he was first rocketed away.

Mister Fantastic realized that Ego must have gotten control over the rockets. He then must have followed the trail of dead planets looking for Galactus. He theorizes that when he saw Earth spared, Ego assumed that Galactus had befriended the planet to protect it.

Thor Threatens Galactus

Terrax thought it was ironic that Ego would destroy the world that Galactus spared. Thor grew angry and demanded that Galactus end the threat or face Thor himself.

Galactus leaned over and said he would help. However, he was not threatened by Thor. He wanted something in return. Galactus would deal with Ego if Mister Fantastic released him from the bargain they made not to destroy Earth.

Thor was horrified that they would stop one villain only to have to deal with another. But Mister Fantastic knew that Ego was the immediate threat while Galactus was not. He agreed causing Terrax to grin.

Galactus sent the ship over to Ego and confronted Ego. On the ship, Mister Fantastic and Thor watched through a viewscreen the Fantastic Four's ship take off. Both assumed that the other three had successfully escaped.

Mister Fantastic and Thor watched the battle as both Galactus and Ego blasted each other. However, Thor noted that the two beings were too evenly matched. Mister Fantastic quickly came up with a plan and bided Thor to follow.

Mister Fantastic worked with Galactus' machines and came up with a plan. He explained to Galactus through a monitor that they could channel the power of Mjolnir to make him stronger. Galactus agreed and readied himself.

Mjolnir Charges

As they prepared, Ego suddenly screamed out in pain. Thor powered up Mjolnir and fired it into the machine. The machine then transferred the power to Galactus. Galactus fired onto Ego causing him more pain.

Thor and Mister Fantastic watched Ego's destruction through the monitors. Just then, Human Torch and Invisible Woman appeared. They ran up and quickly told them that Thing was still in the center of Ego, having carried a power pack to blow up his brain. Thor told them that Mjolnir would take him to Thing.

Thor Saves Thing

Thor teleported to Thing to find him unconscious. He reached down and picked up the orange being. He twirled Mjolnir and the two disappeared just as Ego was exploding.

The five heroes went back to the Fantastic Four's ship. Thing was placed on a medical table and the others watched him.

Thing woke up to see his teammates staring down at him. Invisible Woman told her husband and Human Torch made a joke. Thing sat up and saw Thor standing on the end of the table.

Mister Fantastic told him that his rock-hard skin saved him from the explosive decompression. Though Thing thinks it was because he was holding his breath. Thing stood up and Human Torch told him that Thor had saved his life.

Thing Thanks Thor

Thor was honored to have saved someone who would go on a suicide mission like that. Thing stood and walked over to Thor. He thanked the God and shook his hand.

Just then an image of Galactus' head appeared in his ship. He bid them farewell but reminded the heroes of the bargain they made. Thing, Invisible Woman, and Mister Fantastic walked over to the image.

Galactus told them that he was not hungry at the moment but would be at some point. Galactus looked at them through his own energy portal. He turned the projection off and entered his ship. He told them that he would be hungry someday. The hatch closed and Galactus' ship disappeared.

FF Thor Watch Galactus Leave

The five heroes watched the area of space that Galactus and his ship disappeared to, each looking rather grim. Mister Fantastic repeated Galactus' final words. Eventually they all returned to Earth.

Return of Galactus

Terrax returned to Earth hoping to get Earth's heroes to fight and destroy his master. He lifted the entire island of Manhattan into space but Galactus stopped his herald and returned everything back to Earth. He also restored much of the damage he had done.

However, this made Galactus very weak. In order to survive, he would have to feed upon the planet. He captured the Fantastic Four and Frankie Raye who had tried to stop him.

Thor Commands Storm

Thor arrived at New York causing a large lightning storm. He swooped down and was spotted by Invisible Woman.

He landed on Galactus' planet eating machine and ordered the world eater to stop. He raised Mjolnir and fired into the sky. The blast increased in size and blasted the giant back.

Mjolnir Hits Galactus

He charged Mjolnir again and hit Galactus across the chest. Human Torch flew in and followed with his own blast. Galactus fell back into the city streets. He collapsed on the ground, unmoving.

Galactus sat up and Thor flew in, but Galactus fired his eye beams knocking him back into a building.

The Fantastic Four tried to stop him but even the weakened Galactus was too much. Just then Ghost Rider rode up on his motorcycle. Ghost Rider used his Penance Stare to make Galactus feel the pain of all those he had killed. Galactus was overwhelmed and collapsed.

Thor stood and left the building as Galactus started to shrink. He realized that Galactus must be feeding on his own body to survive. Frankie spoke up and told them all that they had to save Galactus. She argued that Galactus isn't evil, but merely a force of nature, and is a living creature needing help.

Mister Fantastic reluctantly agreed. Thing lamented that being a superhero was complicated.

Thor Charges Galactus

Thor raised Mjolnir saying that if Mister Fantastic wanted to help, he would not question him. He fired a lightning bolt onto Galactus' face hoping to sustain him while Mister Fantastic debated the dilemma.

Mister Fantastic told him that he found several planets in the Lambda System with the energies Galactus needs, but he cannot find their exact locations. He tells him that Terrax is no longer his herald.

Frankie flew up and asked that if Galactus spared Earth she would become his herald. Human Torch and Invisible Woman tried to stop her but Frankie felt she was meant to work with Galactus.

Thor Galactus Charged

Galactus awakened and sat up. Thor told them to stand back as Galactus was renewed with energy. Galactus floated above the city streets.

He held out his hand and Frankie landed in it. He infused her with the Power Cosmic and turned her into Nova. Nova flew up and away from Earth and Human Torch tried to follow.

Galactus thanks them for saving his life when they could have let him die. For their actions, Galactus agrees to renew the deal not to destroy Earth. Galactus wonders if on Earth he had found those who he could call friends.

Thor FF Galactus Leaves

Galactus was engulfed in light and disappeared. He reentered his ship and it flew away with Nova.

Crisis in Detroit

Donald Blake was sent by the Disease Control Center to help with a Gamma Virus outbreak in Detroit, Michigan. The city was quarantined and the uninfected were evacuated. All those trying to help were required to wear hazmat suits.

Betty Meets Donald

Donald then sent for the help of Betty Ross, an acknowledged expert in gamma radiation. However, when she arrived she informed him that he needed Dr. Bruce Banner, the foremost expert on the subject.

Donald thought Bruce had died, though Betty assured him he wasn't. She then told that to find Bruce he needed to find the Hulk. Donald found that Hulk was in the Black Hills of South Dakota near Mount Rushmore.

Donald went to the roof of the Detroit City Hospital, chanted, tapped his cane against the ground and was consumed by a tornado and bright light. As they dissipated, he became Thor.

Thor Transformed

Thor held up Mjolnir and twirled it around to open a portal through space. After it opened Thor leapt up and disappeared, with the hole closing behind him.

Thor appeared at the Black Hills atop Mount Rushmore. However, he found that the Hulkbusters, led by General Thaddeus Ross and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Gabriel Jones, had captured the green giant in a Gamma Reinforced Rage Cage, and was pounding on the sides.

Thor Attack Hulkbusters

Surveying the battle and determining the attackers, Thor raised Mjolnir and charged it. He sent a lightning bolt at the tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles disabling them all. He fired at the cage and took it with him back through the portal.

In the portal, Thor released Hulk from the rage cage.

Thor Enters Detroit

They returned to Detroit on the Ambassador Bridge. When Thor arrived he found that Hulk had already leapt up to the top of the tower. Thor flew up to the opposite side. He explained that he was only looking for Bruce Banner. However, this made Hulk angry as he hates that "puny Banner."

Hulk reached down and ripped off a large metal bar. He then stated he didn't like "long hair" and threw the bar at Thor. It hit Thor in the leg with enough force to cause him to fall over the side.

Thor Flies Hulk

As he fell Thor grabbed onto the suspension cable. He ripped one off and swung it around Hulk. He flew up lifting Hulk away. Thor claimed he would enjoy testing their strengths in battle at some point, but for the moment he needed Hulk to follow him.

Hulk flexed his arms and broke free of the cable. He landed in front of a tunnel crashing a car coming out. Hulk turned as the man inside beeped the horn. Seeing that Hulk was about to smash the car, Thor flew in and landed on the car stopping him.

Thor ordered Hulk to stop his rampage. However, the green giant instead punched Thor causing him to fly backwards into the tunnel. He landed in the tunnel and looked up to see Hulk stand in the opening.

The giant grabbed a snowmobile off a passing car and threw it at Thor. Thor easily blocked the vehicle but Hulk followed with a powerful tackle. Thor slammed into the side wall and dropped Mjolnir.

Hulk ran up and threw a punch. Seeing this, Thor blocked it with his arm and punched Hulk with the other. Hulk flew back to the other wall.

The force of their blows caused debris to start raining down from the ceiling. The bystanders attempted to flee from the collapsing tunnel.

Thor Grabs Stuck Mjolnir

Thor ran up onto a large semi truck with Hulk following. He ran to the top so he could pull Mjolnir out of the ceiling. He tried to tell Hulk to stop their battle since it was damaging the tunnel. However, Hulk simply grabbed the semi and flipped it around.

Hulk Grabs Mjolnir

Thor landed but Hulk punched him away. He hit the wall and fell to the ground. He called his hammer and it lifted to fly towards him. However, Hulk grabbed it in midair. Mjolnir then began dragging Hulk along tearing apart the road as Hulk tried to stop it.

Hulk Thor Cane

Thor realized that time grew short for him just as he was engulfed by light turning into Donald Blake. Finding his opponent gone, Hulk dropped the cane and left the tunnel. Donald saw that the tunnel was beginning to collapse so he ran over to get the cane.

Becoming Thor once again, he ran over to the semi and lifted it up. He then propped it up agains the ceiling to stop the collapse. He then swung Mjolnir so he could fly out.

Thor Calls To Odin

Thor looked around at the city but found no sign of the Hulk. He help up Mjolnir and called out to his father. He explained that he had failed.

Thor became Donald once again and returned to his duties attempting to heal the sick. Donald found Bruce who revealed that he was the Hulk. Bruce was starting to work on a cure when Betty was attacked by a homeless man and infected.

Bruce attended to his girlfriend when an infected Abomination stormed the hospital to kidnap Bruce. When Betty's condition got worse, Donald took it upon himself to track the villain. He found a footprint of pure salt that came from the salt mines beneath the city.

Thor Leaves Hospital

Donald once again returned to the hospital roof. He tapped his cane and transformed into Thor once again.

Thor flew off the side and down towards the street. He then broke the street and flew into the mines below.

Mjolnir Blocks Hulk

Thor arrived to find Hulk using a large rock to bat the now healed Abomination away. Hulk saw the thundering God, growled, and walked over to smash him. Hulk threw a punch but Thor blocked it with Mjolnir.

Abomination walked up and punched Hulk across the face. Hulk grabbed his rival and threw him into Thor. Thor became squished between the gamma-powered villain and the rock wall and struggled to get the brute off of him. Thor pushed with all his might and the villain went flying, getting angry at the Hulk.

Thor tried to tell Hulk that they must leave, but Abomination recovered and tackled him. Hulk leapt over and smacked Abomination into a wall, wanting Thor to himself. He then picked up the Asgardian and tossed him into the other wall.

Thor Grabs Hulk

Thor stood again and got behind Hulk to grab him from behind. As the beast struggled, Thor asked him about Betty. Hulk relaxed as he recognized the name. As he stopped Thor let him go to tell him that she was in trouble.

Behind them, Abomination stood and ripped out a large rock in the ceiling causing water to flood the caverns. Hulk and Thor waded through the waters so they could stop it.

Thor lifted a large boulder and asked Hulk to help him stop the leak so the waters would not destroy the city. Hulk grabbed a rock and helped him stop the flow. Thor lifted Mjolnir and fired it at the rocks so they would seal shut.

The flow stopped and the waters in the cavern began to lower. Hulk asked Thor to take him to Betty. Thor told him it would be his honor to do so.

Hulk Thor Leave Cave

Thor turned and smashed a rock wall behind them opening a hole into a tunnel beyond. Thor reached out his hand and Hulk took it. Thor swung Mjolnir and the two flew out of the cave.

Thor took Hulk to the hospital. Not wanting to waste time, he smashed through the side to quickly take the giant to Betty's room. Hulk walked over to Betty and knelt by her side.

Thor returned to being Donald as Hulk transformed back into Bruce. Bruce developed a cure but not in time to save Betty. However, Gargoyle, who had been infected when he created the virus, arrived. To thank Bruce for developing a cure in the cave, Gargoyle gave the rest of the serum to use on Betty.

Betty got well just as the military arrived to find Hulk. Bruce left the hospital on the nearest train.

Presumably, Donald stayed until the quarantine was over.


In the Comics

It can allow Thor to travel through time.

On the side it bears the inscription "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

Initially, Thor could only be away from Mjolnir for sixty seconds before turning back to Donald. This restriction has since been lifted.

Is able to destroy anything except adamantium.

When fighting Thor, Absorbing Man will use Mjolnir to turn into Uru becoming invincible. However, Thor will use this to control him.

Beta Ray Bill once took Mjolnir away from Thor. Odin then had the two fight for control of it and Bill won. Though Odin gave him a new hammer, Stormbreaker, allowing Thor to keep Mjolnir.

In the main 616 universe, Mjolnir has also been wielded by Captain America, Storm, and Odin at some point. In various other universes, Hulk, Rick Jones, Rogue, Professor X, Black Widow, and Superman have all picked up the hammer.

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