Mister Fantastic
Mister Fantastic PH
Alternate Identity Mister Fantastic
Team Affiliations Illuminati
Mister Fantastic is from the Non MAU Planet Hulk video.

Mister Fantastic was a hero from the planet Earth and a member of the Illuminati.


The history of Mister Fantastic is largely unknown. Hulk did consider him to be his friend. At some point he, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Black Bolt joined a team called the Illuminati.

Eventually the team came together and deemed the Hulk to be too great a threat for Earth. Because the Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets and he fears nothing, no person or force can deter him. Iron Man knew that Bruce Banner, Hulk's alter ego, would be upset but sent him away anyways.

The group found a planet full of vegetation and game that was devoid of intelligent life-forms. Iron Man felt that there would be no one hurt him or for him to hurt. He found it appropriate since Hulk always wanted to be left alone. They recorded a message to play when Hulk woke up. Iron Man explained the situation and wished that Bruce would find peace. He stood in silence as Iron Man spoke.

Illuminati Hulk Captured PH

Hulk's not too happy

Through unknown means they knocked out and captured the Hulk aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. space shuttle and sent him away from Earth. Hulk woke up when he neared the planet and the recording of Iron Man explained the situation to his fellow hero. However, Hulk felt deeply betrayed by those he considered his friends.

Hulk grew enraged upon hearing the situation and broke free. He began attacking the holograms and displays damaging the ship. The ship did not land at the designated destination and flew through a wormhole. Hulk was bombarded with gamma rays and landed on the planet Sakaar.

Upon crashing, Hulk was captured and forced into gladiator-like battles. However, Mister Fantastic's betrayal of Hulk made him weary of trusting anyone, including his fellow Warbound.

Hulk was afraid that his new friends would betray him like Mister Fantastic did. When fellow Earth hero Beta Ray Bill freed Hulk and the other slaves Hulk refused to come back to Earth.


Mister Fantastic does not speak nor is he named. Though it is unmistakably him, in addition to the story being adapted from the comics where he was confirmed to be part of the group.

In the comics it was Mister Fantastic who spoke to Hulk. It was changed for two reasons. The first was that the rights to the character were held by 20th Century Fox. The other is that after the first Iron Man film the producers felt that Iron Man had become more recognizable.

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