Miss America
Miss America
Real Name Madeline Joyce Frank
Alternate Identity Miss America
Powers and Abilities Density Manipulation
Team Affiliations Six American Warriors
Allies Spider-Man

Madeline Frank, also known as Miss America, is a member of the Six American Warriors.


Madeline joined the Six American Warriors in an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Formula that created Captain America. While successful, it only worked for brief periods of time. She joined the team in World War II. After Captain America disappeared in Red Skull's doomsday device, she took one of the keys and retired. She rejoined the team when the Insidious Six tried to find the device. They joined Spider-Man in stopping Red Skull at the sacrifice of Captain America.


Miss America was voiced by Kathy Garver.

The first animated version of the character, and first version outside the comics to keep the costume and character.

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