Real Name Miriam
Powers and Abilities Vampire (Flight, Immortality, Hypnosis, Feeds on Plasma)
Team Affiliations Vampires
Family and Friends Blade (Son)

Miriam is a vampire and the mother of vampire hunter Blade. She claims to be the Queen of the Vampires.


Little is known about Miriam's early life.

At some point she met and fell in love with a vampire. They had a child but after his birth she was unwillingly turned into a vampire. To spare him the life she would then have to lead she gave him up to an orphanage.

She then became obsessed with populating the world with vampires.

After discovering that the Neogenic Recombinator could create vampires she flew to New York to create her own army before Spider-Man, Michael Morbius, Blade and Black Cat stopped her. After which she fled, with Morbius, Blade and Black Cat following her through Europe to stop her.


Miriam was voiced by Nichelle Nichols.

This is the first version of the character outside the comics and currently the only animated version.

For unknown reasons, her name was changed from Vanessa to Miriam.

In February of 1997, three months before "The Vampire Queen" aired, the character reappeared in Marvel: Shadows and Light #1 as a vampire, turned by Count Dracula to attack Blade. He defeated her.

In the Comics

Her name is Vanessa Brooks. She also went under the name Tara Brooks.

She was a prostitute and gave birth in a whorehouse. During labor, she experienced problems and a doctor was called. However, the doctor was a vampire and bit her which was then passed on to the son.

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