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Miles Warren
Real Name Miles Warren
Powers and Abilities Expert Geneticist

Miles Warren is an alternate universe version of the man of same name. He is the one responsible for the cloning of Spider-Man, ultimately leading to the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Carnage.


Little is known about the life of this Miles Warren. His alternate universe counterpart was also a geneticist and was seen with a piece of Spider-Man's clothing. It is possible that this version followed the same path, but is further ahead in time.

Some time after his Aunt May died, Miles managed to captured and clone Spider-Man. However, both of them escaped, but neither knew which was the real Peter Parker.

One changed his hair and took on the name Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider. The other continued as Spider-Man. Eventually, Dr. Curt Connors tested them both finding that Ben was the real one.

Spider-Man grew angry to the point of attacking Ben. The two attacked Kingpin who was experimenting with portal technology. The Carnage symbiote was released and bonded with Peter, forming Spider-Carnage.

Spider-Carnage eventually teamed up with Kingpin, Green Goblin, and Hobgoblin to take over the planet. They left the world devastated. He was eventually defeated by the Spider-Men.

It is unknown what happened to Miles. It is probable that Spider-Carnage killed him in revenge.


This Miles was seen only in flashbacks and did not speak.

In the Comics

Was taught by the High Evolutionary.

Took on the supervillain name Jackal.

Has cloned himself.

Also cloned Gwen Stacy, who he was in love with but had been killed.

Was briefly thought dead.

It was the main Miles Warren who cloned Spider-Man. It was eventually discovered that Ben was the clone, though it was thought Peter was.

Was fooled by Green Goblin into thinking that Peter was the clone and Ben was real.

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