Miles Warren
Miles Warren.jpg
Real Name Miles Warren
Powers and Abilities Expert Geneticist
Allies Alistair Smythe
Family and Friends Hydro-Man, Mary Jane Watson (Creations)

Miles Warren is geneticist who specializes in cloning.


The early life of Miles Warren is unknown.

Miles was unable to get official government funding for his experiments in cloning. His subjects were too unstable to survive.

When he heard about Hydro-Man, he thought his water-based cellular structure would provide the stability needed. He went to the rooftop where Hydro-Man apparently died and found a sample of his DNA.

He cloned Hydro-Man, but he had feelings for Mary Jane Watson like the real version. However, Ms. Watson had disappeared in a battle between Green Goblin and Spider-Man and was presumed dead.

Miles found some of Ms. Watson's DNA from her hair and cloned her, also giving her Hydro-Man's aqua-based abilities. However, she escaped and went to Peter Parker, who the real Mary Jane was dating at the time of her disappearance.

Hydro-Man eventually went out searching for her after he learned that Mary Jane and Peter had married. Hydro-Man took Mary Jane to Miles' underwater lab and Spider-Man, revealed to be Peter, followed.

Miles then revealed that the two aqua-clones were also unstable and would soon evaporate. Spider-Man desperately wanted his wife saved but it was too late. Hydro-Man began damaging the lab before evaporating. The lab began to fill with water as Mary Jane evaporated.

As he escaped, he found a piece of Spider-Man's costume with some DNA on it. He contacted Alistair Smythe to tell Silvermane's men to rebuild his lab.

It is unknown what happened to him or if he ever managed to clone Spider-Man.

Alternate Version

In an alternate universe, Miles actually managed to clone Spider-Man. However, they both escaped and one took on the name Scarlet Spider. The other was then thought to be the clone after being tested by Curt Connors. Spider-Man then bonded with the Carnage symbiote to become Spider-Carnage. He tried to destroy every alternate dimension but was stopped by Spider-Man, the Spider-Men, Beyonder, and Madame Web.


Miles Warren was voiced by Jonathan Harris.

It is possible that his last moments in the series were to set up further storylines should Spider-Man have gone on.

In the Comics

Was taught by the High Evolutionary.

Took on the supervillain name Jackal and had an animal appearance.

Has cloned himself.

Also cloned Gwen Stacy, who he was in love with but had been killed.

Was briefly thought dead.

It was the main Miles Warren who cloned Spider-Man. It was eventually discovered that Ben was the clone, though it was thought Peter was.

Was fooled by Green Goblin into thinking that Peter was the clone and Ben was real.

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