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Earth AEMH.jpg
Real Name Earth
Alternate Identity Midgard
Team Affiliations Nine Worlds of Asgard
Midgard is from the Christopher Yost Animated Universe.

Midgard is one of the Nine Worlds of Asgard and part of Yggdrasill. It is home to humans and mutants who call it Earth.

It is located in the center of Yggdrasill with the other eight surrounding it. Unlike the other realms, it is not physically connected to Yggdrasill. The other realms require the Rainbow Bridge to travel there.


Centuries ago, Midgard was an active part of Yggdrasil. However, it was isolated from the other Eight Worlds and left alone. Eventually, the people of Midgard disregarded the other worlds as mere mythology.

Before its isolation, Odin left several powerful weapons there, such as the Casket of Ancient Winters. His hope was that these would not be found by the enemies of Asgard

Humans changed without the intervention of the other realms. A sub-group called mutants evolved out of humans.

Eventually Thor returned to Midgard opening the world again to Yggdrasill. He joined other superpowered humans as part of the Avengers.

Because it is open, Midgard is once again a target by the fiends of Yggdrasill.

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