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Michael Morbius
Real Name Michael Morbius
Powers and Abilities Vampire (Enhanced Strength and Durability, Flight, Immortality, Plasma Absorption)
Allies Blade
Family and Friends Felicia Hardy (Girlfriend)

Michael Morbius was a student turned vampire.


A foreigner with a devoted passion of science, Michael was an Empire State University science student and Peter Parker's main academic rival. Obsessed with ridding his small country of a disease, which he believed was being carried by vampire bats he began testing on them. After being bitten by a mutated bat, he became a vampire, with a need for human plasma.

Spider-Man, feeling responsible for Morbius creation, tried to help him change back in to a human. After Blade and Spider-Man failed in stopping him, Morbius himself failed to turn his girlfriend, Felicia Hardy, into a vampire, after she refused to feed on innocent people. Stopping the Neogenic Recombinator before it reached her, Morbius became trapped in its rays and was turned into a giant vampire bat. He flew away, hid, and hibernated until Debra Whitman and Herbert Landon revived him. After a run in with Miriam, he realized that he now had a true calling in life.

He then tried to rid the world of the horrible plague of vampires by joining Blade and Black Cat to fight them. Some time later, they were fighting vampires when Black Cat disappeared to Battleworld. However, she was returned with no memory of what happened. It is possible that Blade's and his memories were also changed to not remember this.


Morbius was voiced by Nick Jameson.

First version of the character outside the comics.

Due to the strict censorship surrounding the show, Morbius was forbidden from biting people on the necks to drink their blood. The series instead gives Morbius suckers on the palms of his hands to drain his victims of plasma, like a leech. The series was also not allowed to let him suck blood so the producers changed it to plasma, which is actually part of blood.

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