Real Name Maximus
Powers and Abilities Mind Control
Team Affiliations Inhumans
Family and Friends Black Bolt (Brother)
Medusa (Sister-in-Law)

Maximus is an Inhuman and brother to the king Black Bolt.


Physical Therapy
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Maximus was always jealous of Black Bolt. When his brother left the Great Refuge to search for his wife Medusa, Maximus took power ruling over the city. He made leaving the Refuge an act of treason in order to keep his brother and sister-in-law out forever. The Fantastic Four followed Medusa back to the city and they fought him. Maximus tried to use the Terrigen Mists to kill the humans, but they were too similar to the Inhumans to have much of an effect. As a last ditch effort, Maximus created the Negative Barrier to trap all those within the Refuge in and keep all others out. The Fantastic Four escaped but the Inhumans were trapped.

Over time the Inhumans became more desperate as food, water, and air began to run low. Maximus went crazy, seeming to revert to a child-like state of mind though he did keep on inventing various devices. Black Bolt then used his voice to destroy the barrier, which destroyed the Refuge as well. The Inhumans went on to find a new home.


Maximus was voiced by Mark Hamill.

The first version of the character outside the comics.

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