Marverick WXM
Real Name Christoph Nord
Alternate Identity Maverick
Powers and Abilities Absorbs kinetic energy and redirects it
Team Affiliations Team X
Weapon X
Allies Wolverine
Emma Frost
Family and Friends Christy Nord (Daughter)
Maverick is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Christoph Nord, also known as Maverick is a mutant.


Physical Therapy
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Christoph had a daughter named Christy Nord.

While working for Weapon X, Wolverine and Sabretooth kidnapped him. He was brainwashed into joining Team X and forgetting his daughter.

Maverick was sent to abduct his daughter but was stopped by the escaped Wolverine and Mystique. His memories of his daughter were restored by Emma Frost.

Powers and Abilities

Maverick has the power of kinetic absorption and redirection giving him enhanced strength.


Maverick was voiced by Crispin Freeman.

In the Comics

Also goes by the name Agent Zero.

Has a healing factor.

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