Mastermind XME.jpg
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Mastermind
Powers and Abilities Telepathy, Illusion Generation
Team Affiliations Acolytes
Allies Brotherhood of Mutants
Mastermind is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Mastermind is a mutant, an ally of Magneto and a part of the Acolytes.


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Magneto found Mastermind and recruited the mutant to help change the memories of his daughter Wanda. Mastermind manipulated her mind so that she thought she had a happy childhood and would stop hunting her father. While going to work on her mind, he was stopped by Nightcrawler and Toad. When asked by Magneto if he finished his work, Mastermind confirmed he did.

He later joined Magneto's Acolytes to combat Apocalypse, particularly the ancient mutant's helper Mesmero.

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Mastermind was voiced by Campbell Lane.

In the Comics

His real name is Jason Wyngarde, but this was not revealed in the series.

After leaving the Brotherhood, Jason joined the Hellfire Club where he was largely responsible for turning Jean Grey into the Dark Phoenix.

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