Mastermind (Marvel Anime)
Real Name Jason Wyngarde
Alternate Identity Mastermind
Jun Sanada
Powers and Abilities Creates Illusions
Team Affiliations Inner Circle Club
Mastermind is from the Marvel Anime Universe series Marvel Anime: X-Men.

Jason Wyngarde is a mutant who joined the Inner Circle Club under the name Mastermind.


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He manipulated Jean Grey into unleashing the full power of the Phoenix Force on the X-Men.

Years later, he infiltrated the lab of Yui Sasaki using the name Jun Sanada. He got the U-Men into believing he was working with them. He used them as a cover while he planned to take control of humanity. He was joined by Rat, Marsh, and Neuron.

During a battle, his former teammate Emma Frost used her diamond form. He did not realize she could see his true face since her form blocked psychic abilities.

He found Takeo Sasaki and planned to have the boy manipulate reality so mutants could rule the world. Marsh and Neuron held off the X-Men while Mastermind used Takeo. When the two were defeated, Mastermind used the image of Jean Grey to distract Cyclops.

However, Mastermind was killed by Takeo when he got out of control.


Mastermind was voiced by Haruhiko Jo in the Japanese version and Travis Willingham in the English version.

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