Master of Zenn-La
Master of Zenn-La
Real Name Master of Zenn-La
Alternate Identity Unnamed Master of Zenn-La
Team Affiliations Zenn-La

The Master of Zenn-La is a title for the ruler of the people of Zenn-La. He is the guide of the Zenn-La beliefs and knows all knowledge regarding their ways. The Master trains people and visitors.


The last Master trained Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd, apparently intending to make Radd the next master after he died. When Uatu the Watcher appeared, Master thought he could communicate with Galactus but the mighty planet-eater ignored him. Master then grew depressed and gave up. Norrin used an old space ship to bargain with Galactus, who agreed.

Master couldn't get over that he gave up in a time of crisis and followed Norrin, now the Silver Surfer, to the stars. He was captured on a planet of the Kree and forced to help them. Silver Surfer arrived and the two helped each other, but at the cost of the Master's life.

It is unknown if he left another to be the Master of Zenn-La before leaving or if he was the last.


An original character for Silver Surfer.

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