Master Mold
Master Mold (Wolverine & the X-Men)
Real Name Master Mold
Powers and Abilities Sentinel Factory and Control
Team Affiliations Mutant Response Division
United States of America Government
Family and Friends Bolivar Trask (Creator)
Master Mold is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Master Mold is an enormous robot that was built to construct and command Sentinel units. In one timeline, it was responsible for devastating the planet and nearly wiping out organic life.


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Master Mold was commissioned by the Mutant Response Division and designed by Bolivar Trask. It was to built Sentinels to fight mutants.

As part of its programming, it studied captured mutants to replicate their powers. Though it was not able to duplicate powers right away.

Wolverine found Master Mold and the X-Men destroyed it.

However, it transferred itself to a damaged Sentinel and crawled away. It's final whereabouts are unknown.

Alternate Version

Master Mold DOFP WXM

In the dystopian future, Master Mold and the Sentiels were able to rule the planet and wide out most humans, but not all of the mutants. It also made camps to contain them.

It turned Colonel Moss into a half-Sentinel cyborg. It found Charles Xavier and captured him. However, he formed the captured mutants into a new X-Men. It captured Cerebro with the hope of using it to find all remaining mutants. It was destroyed by Xavier, his X-Men, Wolverine, and four X-23s.

This version was erased along with the timeline.


Master Mold was voiced by Gwendoline Yeo, who also voiced Domino and Mariko Yashida.

The design is based more on Danger, the sentient version of the Danger Room, rather than the oversized Sentinel as seen on X-Men.

In the Comics

Master Mold was destroyed by Trask when it threatened to take over humanity.

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