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Master Mold
Master Mold.jpg
Real Name Master Mold
Powers and Abilities Creates Sentinels
Team Affiliations United States Government
Family and Friends Bolivar Trask (Creator)
Sentinels (Creations)

Master Mold is an enormous robot designed to create Sentinels to hunt mutants.


A master Sentinel created by Trask, Master Mold is able to create thousands of Sentinels at will. After he realised that humans and mutants are the same, he began his quest to eliminate all of them.

After a battle between the X-Men and his Sentinels, Professor Xavier flew the TNT filled Blackbird into him, destroying all but his head.

The head later returned, hoping to upload his program into Xavier’s brain. He was stopped by Morph, the one man the Sentinels almost killed. After shooting a spike right through Master Mold’s entire head, he was unable to work properly, and was never heard of again.


Master Mold was voiced by David Fox.

First version of the character outside the comics. Currently, the only "male" version in animation.

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