Mary Parker
Mary Parker (Spider-Man TAS).png
Real Name Mary Parker
Team Affiliations United States Government
Allies Nick Fury
Family and Friends Richard Parker (Husband)
Ben Parker (Brother-in-Law)
May Parker (Sister-in-Law)
Peter Parker (Son)
Mary Jane Watson (Daughter-in-Law)

Mary Parker was the wife of Richard Parker and the mother of Peter Parker.


Mary and Richard were spies working for the United States of America. However, while on a mission they were discovered and killed. It was believed they were guilty of treason.

Their son, Peter, grew up with her husband's brother and wife. He eventually became the superhero Spider-Man.

While infiltrating a cult belonging to Baron Mordo, Peter was tricked by an illusion that Mary and Richard were still alive and had reunited with him. This was a trick to brainwash him, and Doctor Strange freed him.

Peter later learned the truth of his parent's death. He went to Russia and cleared their name.


Mary Parker's voice actor was uncredited.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

Her maiden name was Fitzpatrick.

She was a member of the Central Intelligence Agency. Met Richard on a mission.

She and Richard were allies with Logan. In fact, he was the first to congratulate the two when she found out she was pregnant.

She was killed by the Finisher on orders from the third Red Skull.

Harry Osborn and Chameleon created Life Model Decoys of Mary and Richard to attack Peter.

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