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Mary Jane Watson
Real Name Mary Jane Watson
Powers and Abilities Transforms and Controls Water
Allies Martha Connors
Debra Whitman
Black Cat
Family and Friends Mary Jane Watson (Genetic Basis)
Anna Watson (Genetic Aunt)
Philip Watson (Genetic Father)
Madeline Watson (Genetic Mother)
Miles Warren (Creator)
Peter Parker (Husband)

Mary Jane Watson, or simply MJ, was a beautiful woman who was actually a clone of the real Mary Jane Watson. She was created by Miles Warren using DNA from Hydro-Man. She dated and eventually married Peter Parker before she died.


Miles Warren cloned Hydro-Man, but the clone was still obsessed with Mary Jane Watson. Morris demanded to see her but she had apparently died when she fell off the George Washington Bridge during a fight between Green Goblin and Spider-Man. Warren cloned her but she escaped and went to Peter Parker, which saved him from having to reveal everything to the Punisher.

They started dating again. She eventually got a role in a film replacing Miranda Wilson. However, Miranda kidnapped her hoping to trade bodies. Mysterio, who had fallen in love with Miranda, led Spider-Man to her. Miranda and Mysterio died and Spider-Man and Mary Jane were saved. Realizing he loved her, Spider-Man revealed himself as Peter Parker and the two got engaged.

Hobbie Brown mugged Mary Jane and Peter but Spider-Man captured him. Hobbie then returned as the Prowler and asked for Spider-Man's help.

At their wedding Harry Osborn, who had been engaged to the real Mary Jane and in the disguise as Green Goblin, attacked the church with Scorpion and Alistair Smythe. Spider-Man, Kingpin, his Mega Slayer, and Black Cat stopped the attack and the two were married.

Peter then went to Russia to clear the names of his parents, Richard and Mary, who were considered traitors. While there he fought a new version of the Insidious Six but met Silver Sable and learned of the Six American Warriors. He returned to America where the Red Skull was released by his son Chameleon and created Electro. Luckily Captain America was also released and with Spider-Man stopped their threat.

Peter and Mary Jane then tried to go on a honeymoon but the Hydro-Man clone kidnapped her. Peter tracked him down but learned that she was really a clone. However, both Hydro-Man and Mary Jane were unstable and evaporated. Spider-Man was devastated but quickly whisked off the Secret Wars and Spider Wars by Madame Web and the Beyonder. During the two wars, Spider-Man was haunted by memories of her death.

After Spider-Man won both wars Madame Web took him to see Stan Lee and find the real Mary Jane. Peter and the real Mary Jane were then married.


Mary Jane is voiced by Sara Ballantine.

She is one of the few characters who clearly died in the series along with Ben Parker, Hydro-Man, Hydro-Man (Clone), Mysterio, and Miranda Wilson.

Mary Jane Watson filled Gwen Stacy's role from the comics. Gwen died on the bridge, and was later cloned by Warren.

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