Mary Jane Parker
Peter MJ Photo SMITSV
Real Name Mary Jane Parker
Alternate Identity MJ
Family and Friends Peter Parker (Husband)
May Parker (Aunt-in-Law)
Mary Jane Parker is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Mary Jane Parker is the widow of Peter Parker, who was the superhero Spider-Man.


At some point, she kissed Spider-Man while she hung upside down.

He was killed in a battle with Green Goblin and Kingpin. She spoke the eulogy at his funeral.

Alternate Version

Spider-Man MJ Upside Down Kiss SMITSV

In an parallel universe, her counterpart was also married to her Peter. At one point, they also kissed but instead she was on the ground and Spider-Man was upside down. However, she wanted kids and he was afraid of what would happen. This caused a rift in their relationship and they separated. Eventually, Peter went back to reconcile with her.


Mary Jane is voiced by Zoe Kravitz.

This is the first version to be called Mary Jane Parker. Typically when she gets married it is stated she changed her name to Mary Jane Watson-Parker. It is typical for celebrity women to hyphenate their last name to both maintain the name they became famous as well as take the name of their husband as is tradition.

The upside down kiss comes from the first Spider-Man film, which was also the basis for Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. The car coming into the cafe came from its sequel Spider-Man 2. The kiss this version was involved in was switched so she is the one upside down. The kiss between the alternate versions is an exact copy of the film version.

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