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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!
Frost Fight.PNG
Release date December 11, 2015
Rating PG
Director Mitch Schauer
Eric Radomski
Writer(s) Mark Banker
Producer(s) Alan Fine
Dan Buckley
Joe Quesada
Jeph Loeb
Stan Lee
Eric Radomski
Cort Lane
Stephen Wacker
Editor Adam Redding
Music By Kristopher Carter
Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis
Running Time 73 Minutes
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In "Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!," the holiday season gets extra chilly as Loki and the frost giant, Ymir, plot to conquer the world. A team of Marvel heroes must stop the villains from stealing Santa’s power – if anyone can actually find the mysterious Mr. Claus. Fortunately, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are also hot on Santa’s trail. Heroes, villains, elves and cosmic bounty hunters collide in an epic quest that leave the fate of the holiday and the world itself in the balance.[1]


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Sailboats surround a tropical island.

A pelican lands on a sign for Monuriki Island. Ice suddenly forms around the sign and bird freezing both solid.

Elsewhere, a boy stands frozen in ice next to some chilled telephone poles.

On another part of the beach, a woman rubbing sunblock next her ice chest is frozen. Two men carrying a surfboard are also trapped in ice.

The ice spreads across the sand towards the ocean. The tropical trees are now covered in ice and snow.

A large icy figure drops down crushing the ice and lets out a yell.

A man in armor appears and starts twirling large hammer. He tells the figure, Ymir, that Midgard will not stand for his frozen villainy.

Ymir tells the man, Thor Odinson, that the ice will silence him. A large green man appears behind Thor carrying a boulder saying he wants less talking and more rocks. He shoves him away calling his ally Goldilocks.

On the ground, Thor moves his cape from over his face to watch the giant throw the boulder.

The rocks flies through the air and slams into Ymir breaking apart. The ice giant merely takes a single step back.

Thor stands next to the giant, calling him Hulk, telling him not to question his battle tactics. He starts to talk about all those he has fought when he is blasted back by shards of ice.

Ymir holds up his arm shooting the ice from his hand.

A man looking at a HUD wonders why an ice giant is on Monuriki Island noting it's not a very ice-friendly place like somewhere cold. He pulls up a picture of Ymir and an overhead of the island.

Hulk watches the man, in red and gold armor. Ymir fires his ice shards at the armored man. They hit him in the chest but he flies around and continues onwards as Ymir fires further.

As the armored man dodges in the air he notes how ice is the perfect weapon because it melts and leaves no evidence. He flies around and hovers behind Ymir saying he saw it in a movie. He raises his arms and fires energy blasts out of his hands.

Ymir blocks the attacks with one arm then fires more ice with the other. The man flies past him and Ymir follows shooting more ice.

Another man in boots runs through the snow. The armored man wonders what the movie was and asks "Cap" if he knows. Cap, wearing a patriotic suit and wielding a shield, tells Iron Man to stay on task.

Cap stops and holds up the shield to block the ice shards. He radios that they need to find the casket before it's opened.

Iron Man dodges more ice shards saying he doesn't see how an eternal winter could fit in a box. Inside, he continues analyzing Ymir on his HUD wondering if a long summer on a stick would work.

Thor swings his hammer to block more ice. He explains to Iron Man that Ymir and the Casket of Ancient Winters are as powerful as they are old. He warns to trifle with them at his peril.

Iron Man pulls up a picture of the Casket. He says he isn't trifling but judging. He reasons that while "Glacier-to-go" is big, strong, and helpful when a fridge breaks a popsicle still knows when to stay in the shade.

Iron Man flies past Thor. He asks why Ymir is here and how he got there. He says this doesn't add up and something is off. He flies towards Ymir but the ice giant brings up his fist sending him flying upwards.

He flies straight up in the air screaming. Thor and Hulk watch him go, with Thor noting Iron Man is going to join it.

Cap watches when a young man's voice chimes in that Iron Man became Iron Rocket. The boy appears behind him circling in the air on large wings at on his arms. He asks if Iron Man is okay and if he should "tag" in.

Cap tells the boy, Reptil, no and that's he's only there to observe as a trainee. He explains that's what you do on a ride-alone. Cap watches Reptil fly near a frozen sailboat.

Reptil glides on the air suggesting a power dive. Cap orders him not to engage but to check on the boats. Reptil agrees and flies out to sea.

A woman with glowing hands flies up behind him. She radios Reptil telling him not to go too far as they are about to wrap things up. She looks at Ymir and notices a box in his hand.

She radios the others to say she has seen the Casket and it's in "Permafrosty's" hand.

Cap tells the woman, Captain Marvel, that they have to make him drop it and that he'll recover it. Marvel says that "Operation Fumble" is a go and flies forward.

Hulk says it's time to make some ice scream. He roars and slams his fists into the ground. The round around him sinks into a large crater. The shockwave causes Ymir to lose his balance.

Iron Man flies back down to the ground. Hulk radios in wondering if anyone got it as he made a play on words. Iron Man dives down saying it wasn't bad for him.

Marvel flies forward, her hands glowing, saying she is going to hit the snowball into the corner pocket. She fires her energy.

The blast hits Ymir in the chest. He cries out as his hand opens dropping the Casket. The Casket flies off into the tropical jungle.

Thor swings his hammer and throws it. Iron Man lands and fires a beam from his chest.

The hammer and energy blast knock Ymir off his feet grunting. He turns to face them asking a question. He is interrupted when Hulk runs up and punches him.

Ymir rolls backwards across the sand eventually crashing atop a lifeguard tower.

Reptil flies over the frozen sailboats. He complains that during the fight with the ice monster he was stuck on boat detail. He suddenly notices a figure on one of the boats that he identifies as Loki.

Reptil tries to radio in that he saw the figure. Cap interrupts to say they are busy at the moment.

Elsewhere, Cap kneels to the ground behind his shield to block incoming ice shards.

Reptil insists that it is important.

Ymir fires a blast of icy breath at Cap. The hero tells Reptil he is about to lose him.

The boy hovers in place telling himself that he was told to check the boats. He dives down and lands on the boat behind Loki. He tells the figure to drop the scepter. His wings revert to normal human arms.

Loki turns his head and asks what the boy will do. Reptil looks around and struggles for an answer. He then orders Loki to drop it. Calling him a "Childasaurus", Loki says it is a fair question and suggest the boy return when he can answer it.

Reptils yells that one way or the other it is over for Loki. The villain claims that even the best-laid plans of immortals can go bad and blames his friends. He raises his scepter causing it to glow.

Loki turns and fires the scepter. Reptil dodges as the blast hits the boat. Reptil hits the side of the boat and a life preserver falls on his head.

Loki then raises the scepter and fires a beam into the sky. The energies open up a portal above the island. Loki grins to himself.

Reptil sits up and tosses aside the life preserver. He grasps when he sees the portal opening up.

On the beach, the heroes watch the sky portal opening up. Iron Man wonders if there's anything good about a hole in the sky but cannot come up with anything.

Marvel asks Cap if he has a plan for this. When Cap fails to respond she continues calling out his name.

Elsewhere, Ymir approaches a large block of ice. Suddenly, Cap's shield bursts out of the top. Ymir fires a single large ice shard. Cap smacks it back to him, breaking it up into smaller pieces.

Ymir raises his arms to block his redirected attack. While the villain's distracted, Cap runs towards him. Ymir rubs ice out of his eyes as Cap runs through his legs behind him.

Calling him a flea, Ymir wonders where he is. Cap looks down at a large ice shard on the ground. Ymir claims the hero cannot hide.

Cap kicks the shard towards Ymir which flies towards his butt. Ymir groans in pain then leaps up yelling. Cap watches him in the air and smiles as Ymir comes crashing down.

Ymir lies in a crater groaning. Cap says he's had enough of this foolishness and runs off to help Reptil and find the Casket.

Meanwhile, on the boat Reptil cries out as the portal begins sucking everything up into it. He watches a rope lift off the boat into the air.

Loki watches his work saying this is where he and the "pre-hero" part ways. He says he is going to a new beginning while Reptil is going into oblivion.

He laughs maniacally as lighting strikes from the portal. The energies cause the ice surrounding the boat to break apart and rise to the sky. The portal absorbs all the ice.

Reptil grabs onto the boat as he too is lifted up. He says he wants to tag out and asks if anyone wants in. The life preserver bounces across the deck then hits Reptil in the head causing him to lose his grip.

He screams as he floats up into the air. He starts flapping his wings remembering he can fly. His arms transform and he heads back to the ground saying he can outfly the "skynado."

On the ground, Hulk hugs Thor, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel to protect them from the suction. Iron Man asks if there is any way to do this without hugging. Hulk says the hug is saving his life. Iron Man retorts he would rather perish, to which Thor agrees. Marvel tells them to stop complaining and hug for their lives.

Palm trees get sucked up into the portal. One lifts up revealing the Casket. Cap notices it and leaps over a tree to get it. He radios the others to say he has it. He lifts it up saying they should now focus on the bigger problem.

Suddenly, Cap lifts off the ground. He flies through the sky towards the portal telling the others he is incoming. Hulk grabs onto his legs. Iron Man asks if he is having magical vortex problems. He jokes that they were just discussing that issue and that Hulk has a theory.

Elsewhere, Ymir is dragged out of the trees onto the beach by the vortex. He looks around, finding nothing to grab onto, as he is lifted into the air.

In the sky, Reptil asks the tornado if it has had enough. He looks down and sees Ymir rising towards him. Ymir slams into him sending him flying. Reptil passes as Ymir rises above him.

Ymir enters the portal and it begins to close. It shrinks down until it closes in an explosion of energy.

Reptil stops rising and begins falling back to Earth. He starts heading towards the open waters below.

Captain Marvel sees him falling. Iron Man says he has this and yells out to the kid. When Reptil doesn't respond he says it was no good. He then asks Hulk for help.

Hulk yells to wake up and Reptil finally stirs wondering if that was Hulk. He looks around and screams as the water rises to meet him.

He sees two surfboards and lands on them. He skids across the water to safety.

The other heroes cheer from the beach. Hulk slaps Thor on the back causing him to stumble forward. Cap says they did it.

Reptil is glad to be alive, noting that he invented dino-boarding. Hulk then sees a problem. Reptil crashes into the beach and the surfboards go flying.

Reptil gets his head buried in the sand. Iron Man says he also invented dino-crashing. Reptil replies that he also invented dino-trauma. Thor leads the others to walk over to him.

Hulk lifts the boy up by his arms. Reptil looks up to say that for his encore he will pass out.

Later, a single light glows in the night of a frozen wasteland coming from a cave in the side of a mountain.

Inside the cave, Loki paces back and forth while Ymir looks on from his throne. Ymir says that the "metal man" was correct and the island's heat made him weak. He says it was a poor plan.

Loki glares at him saying it was Ymir that failed not his plan. He reiterates that Ymir was to open the Casket in a remote location to avoid detection. He calls the trip wasted.

Ymir retorts that the meddlers were unfortunate. Loki agrees but points out that Thor is delivering the Casket to Asgard as they speak. He claims their new path to conquest must crush all heroic obstacles.

Ymir stands saying he knows a way. Loki calls this refreshing causing Ymir to growl. Loki apologizes to the King of Ice and asks him to continue.

Ymir holds out his arm and energies swirl up from the ground into his hand. He turns his hand upwards and the energies appear in the image of an elderly man in a large cloak and sporting a long white beard. Ymir says he is going to tell the tale of Jolnir.

Loki asks him to stop as he had heard this story, calling it a silly legend. He says that his kind and generous antics are nothing but a fairy tale to amuse Asgardian children and gullible Frost Giants.

This causes Ymir to growl. Loki continues to say it is utter nonsense. Ymir retorts that Jolnir is as ancient and real as he is.

The image of Jolnir transforms into an image of a couple. The man has a great beard and holds an enormous sword. The woman holds a smaller sword and shield.

Ymir explains that Jolnir is part Frost Giant and part elf, and born with immense power. The image changes back to Jolnir. However, rather than using that power to rule he squandered it on helping those too young and weak to help themselves: children.

The image changes to Jolnir surrounded by young children happy to see him. Behind him, the trees are decorated with lights. Ymir says that today Jolnir is known as Santa Claus.

The image changes to Jolnir in a sleigh flying through the sky over a great city. He carries a sack of presents in the back while being driven by a team of reindeer. Sleigh bells jingle as he goes.

Ymir says that each winter Santa Claus brings gifts to all the children of the Nine Worlds in one night. Santa gives a hearty laugh.

Ymir looks at the image in his hand. He says that such a feat is impossible to anyone but Jolnir. He crush the image and it disappears. Loki smiles. He notes the power of Jolnir and that if they could harness it no one on Earth could resist them.

Loki says he knows of Santa Claus, someone who is beloved and celebrated. He notes that songs are sung in his name. He considers using the figure to dominate those that adore him. He realizes the plot is too devious to resist and laughs.

He looks at the King of Ice that there is more to him that snow and ice. He wonders where they will find Jolnir. Ymir holds his hand up again pulling up an image of a frozen mountain. He says that if the legends are true he makes his home in Alfheim, home of the Light Elves.

Loki sighs at the idea of the elves, saying he should have known. He then asks if Jolnir is as powerful as Ymir says how they will usurp that power.

Ymir claims that while they lost one casket there is another: the Casket of Ancient Powers. He creates an image of this new casket. He claims it can transfer the abilities, even the greatest, from one being to another.

Loki holds up his hand and the image of the casket floats down to him. His own image, looking triumphant, appears above it. Ymir continues saying that like Jolnir the casket is in Alfheim.

Loki laughs and says they have a new path. He says that misinformation and a reward will flush Jolnir into the open while they look for the new casket. He says that if no one else finds Jolnir then they will.

Loki replies that the hunt is on for Santa Claus. He crushes the image so that it disappears then laughs maniacally. He stops and says that first they must find a distraction for their heroic friends.

He levels his scepter and fires at the wall. The energies open a portal. Loki smiles and goes through.

The portal opens in a jungle and Loki steps out. Far away, branches are heard breaking while something big is growling. Something can be seen moving above the trees.

The portal closes and Loki gasps as something crushes the trees behind him. He looks up to see an enormous beast standing before him. The creature snorts air out its nose.

The creature opens its jaws and roars at the villain. Despite the rush of air, Loki simply stands there. Once done, Loki says this creature will do. He raises his scepter and fires at the beast.

The creature gets sucked into the scepter. Once gone, Loki stands there smiling.

Elsewhere in a great city, an enormous tower rises above the others into the night sky. It has a large A symbol on the side an a helipad near the top of the building.

Inside, Cap tells Reptil to remember his footwork and orders him to try again. Cap readies his fists while Reptil sighs. Reptil lunges at him. Cap smiles as he easily dodges two attacks.

Reptil takes another swipe then grows a tail to swing at him. He dodges the swipe and leaps over the tail. He kicks Reptil in the back knocking him down. Captain Marvel watches from the doorway. Iron Man sits in a chamber in the corner.

Reptil recovers panting heavily. Cap waves at him telling him to go again. Reptil runs at him and leaps into the air. Cap dodges the attack then kicks Reptil's leg causing him to stumble.

The boy crashes to the floor grunting. Cap stands over him as he stands. He looks up at Cap asking if he is trouble for going after Loki on his own. Cap replies that he isn't in trouble, just in training to one day join the team. He explains that won't happen if he doesn't learn teamwork.

Reptil retorts that he tried to tell them, but that he wanted them to believe in him. He figured that if he caught Loki he would be in. Cap replies that he shouldn't act alone when he's part of a team, so he's on the "bench."

Reptil looks frustrated. Marvel says that Cap is being hard on him. She says he showed guts and that counts as well. Cap retorts it should be paired with brains.

From the chamber, Iron Man is getting washed off with jets of water. He tells Cap to lighten up. He points out that Reptil stepped up to Loki and is still here. He jokes the boy should get a gold star for that.

Marvel asks if Cap took no for an answer when he was young. She asks if any of them did when they were younger. Cap says he did not but they made mistakes that he is trying to help Reptil avoid. Marvel says he will learn from his mistakes like they did.

A bell dings. Reptil leans out from behind Cap to remind them he is right here. He looks over to Iron Man.

The armored hero stands there, his armor shining. He claims Reptil will be fine as he's a one-man dino-band. He walks over to the others saying that he has skills just like the dinosaurs had. He considers how well things turned out for them then realizes it is a bad example.

Cap rests his case. Reptil once again says he is in the room. Iron Man jokes that Cap wouldn't worry so much if he had his new car-shine. He tells him to pipe down before the kid hears them.

They suddenly hear a thud above them and look up. Marvel says that Thor is back already and was quick about it. Cap says that it was supposed to take more time to secure the Casket of Ancient Winters in Asgard. He realizes it was something else and runs off.

Marvel runs off after him. Hulk suddenly lands nearby. Iron Man asks if he used his private bathroom again. Hulk replies that he likes his shampoo as it smells like candy canes. Iron Man replies that isn't shampoo but foot cream.

Iron Man flies off. Hulk watches him saying he still likes it. He runs off after the others. Reptil stands there alone asking if he should come along. He slumps his shoulders downtrodden.

Down in the city streets, the creature Loki took rears its mighty head up and growls. It stomps it foot down as it moves along the street. Cars are stopped and people scream in terror. It opens its enormous jaws and lets out a roar.

In the sky, Iron Man and Captain Marvel fly side-by-side. He asks if that is a tourist as it doesn't look local. Marvel replies it isn't but it's making itself at home.

Marvel glows and flies ahead. Cap flies behind them on a flying cycle then drops down.

On the ground, Hulk says that no one makes a mess in his "house." Cap stands next to him while Iron Man and Captain Marvel hover nearby. Marvel jokes that only Hulk can makes a mess, causing the green giant to growl.

Cap tells Hulk to take it easy as their first priority is to clear the street. He orders them to get everyone out of the "lizard zone."

The creature continues its march down the street chasing a RV. The creature stomps its foot down causing the RV to go flying.

The hero see it flying through the air. Iron Man calls it and flies off.

Iron Man goes up to meet the RV and grabs the rear bumper. However, it comes off and the RV continues falling. The driver inside yells. He jokes that they shouldn't worry about the fender as he has it.

Hulk growls and leaps forward. The driver sees the jade giant rising to meet him. He screams when Hulk's face cracks the windshield. Hulk holds onto the vehicle and lands then brings the RV down safely.

The man looks in his side mirror and sees the creature coming towards him roaring. He screams and pushes the gas pedal all the way down.

The rear tires squeal and the RV races away as Hulk moves out of the way. Hulk watches it go saying he's welcome. The creature growls as Cap runs up next to Hulk.

Reptil flies up and says that rampages make all of them look bad, calling the creature a dino-noob. He dives down.

On the street, a village display sits in front of a large lit tree. Reptil lands and looks up. He sees the creature slam its tail into a crane sending it flying towards him. Captain Marvel tells him to look out. Reptil leaps out of the way.

Marvel carries him into the air and lets him go. She tells him he needs to work on his reflexes. Reptil flies back down offering his thanks.

On the street, Hulk stares down the enormous creature towering over him. He asks the lizard if it wants to walk away or fly away. He says that the flying option involves punching.

The creature roars at him. Hulk brings his fists up sending the creature high into the air. He wishes the creature a nice flight. The creature then comes back towards the ground on top of Hulk.

He catches the creature and asks if it is back already. He tosses the creature aside. However, the tail slams into Hulk sending him flying.

Hulk crashes into a nearby building. He comes out the other side wearing a white shirt and top hat. He looks around and sees the creature behind the buildings.

Captain Marvel hovers near Cap. He says that plan didn't work. He tells Captain Marvel to be air support. He starts to order Iron Man, who is standing behind him, but is interrupted. Iron Man claims he has a way to end this without causing rubble.

Iron Man calls to Reptil. The boy looks confused while Cap asks what is going on. Iron Man says it is a surprise and asks him not to spoil it.

Iron Man tells Reptil to use his best dinosaur head. Reptil agrees and transforms it then asks if it works. Iron Man says it won't for a job interview or date but for this it's perfect.

Iron Man whistles drawing the creature's attention. The lizard turns to face them. Reptil looks confused as it marches towards them.

Cap tells the others to look alive but Iron Man retorts that they should give the kid room. Cap starts to question that saying the creature is coming. Iron Man reminds him they are a team and to trust him.

The creature stomps over to Reptil growling. It towers over the young hero. He looks terrified and asks what he should be doing.

Iron Man hovers nearby saying he is doing it already and to keep it up. Reptil replies that he isn't doing anything, but Iron Man says that's it and tells him not to move.

The creature picks up Reptil and puts him on its arm hugging him. The creature smiles at the boy. Reptil realizes the creature thinks he is its baby.

The creature licks him twice. Reptil groans and says it can stop licking him.

Captain Marvel and Iron Man land near Cap. She asks Iron Man how he knew this would work. Iron Man says he didn't, but wanted to see what would happen. Cap scowls at him and Iron Man says he is kidding.

Iron Man says it's obvious the creature is female and that motherly instincts are hard to deny. The creature snuggles Reptil, looking at him lovingly.

Cap scolds Iron Man for the risky plan. Iron Man gets angry saying it was high risk for a high reward, the only game worth playing. Cap retorts that it was worth it for him but not for Reptil, and flicks him on the helmet.

Calling him "Stars and Gripes," Iron Man says what he loves about him is that his glass is always half full. He then adds that it's sour milk.

Meanwhile, Reptil gets licked again. He asks the others if there is a plan to stop the licking. He claims he is getting sick.

Somewhere in space, a ship hovers in the void in sight of a planet, its moon, the star, and a nebula.

Inside, a voice tells his friend that the eighth time is a charm. A raccoon dressed in clothing works inside a conduit. A tree-like creature sits at the helm. The raccoon says he has a good feeling about this.

A wrench tightens a bolt. The tree-creature says he is Groot. The raccoon tells Groot that when he gives the word to punch it. Groot nods in agreement.

The raccoon finishes tightening the bolt and tells him to hit it. Groot pushes a button.

Suddenly, the raccoon yells at him to shut it down. He looks at fires erupting from the panel. Groot pushes a button and the engines stop reducing the flames.

The raccoon cries out wondering why he punched it. He explains now the electrical system is fried and he has to rewire the entire thing. He's angry cause they are out of wire. The raccoon throws the wrench across the ship where it hits a panel causing it to spark.

Outside, an explosion goes off. The ship powers down and lists to one side.

Inside, the raccoon claims to hate the ship saying they need a new one. He leaps down out of the conduit. Groot says he is Groot while the raccoon knows new ships require units. The raccoon goes to sit in the chair next to Groot.

Groot responds and the raccoon notes they have no units. He rubs his eyes when he hears the console beeping. He looks up and thinks their finances are about to change.

The raccoon leaps up to the console and pulls up a wanted poster for Jolnir. He reads it out loud saying he is wanted for mass burglary, animal cruelty, and stealing cookies from children. Groot looks worried.

The raccoon smiles saying this guy is a real piece of work. He pulls up the reward value is twenty-five billion credits. The raccoon gets excited saying they could buy any ship they could want. He orders Groot to set a course for Alfheim space.

The raccoon laughs as Groot punches in the coordinates. The ship powers up, the engines flare up, and it flies off.

Elsewhere, a mystical land is covered in candy. A portal opens allowing Loki and Ymir to appear. Loki notes how this is the most joyous of the nine realms, then wonders how anyone can stand this much happiness even among the elves. Ymir agrees says it is too hot.

Loki replies that their visit will be short. He walks forward wondering where the Casket of Ancient Powers is located. Ymir merely shrugs his shoulders not knowing. Loki sighs and thinks they could ask for directions. He holds up his scepter and shines a bright light.

Back at the tower in the city, a bright beam of light shines down onto the roof. It disappears revealing Thor. He stands and asks Cap if this is a hero's welcome or if treachery is afoot.

Cap says that is hard to tell then asks how things are in Asgard. Thor says that all is well, explaining that the Casket of Ancient Winters is in safe hands again. Cap leads Thor inside asking if anything is out of the ordinary. Thor replies that there was an odd development.

Inside, Iron Man with his faceplate up, Hulk, and Reptil enter a room with Captain Marvel following soon after. She asks what the emergency is, stops, and wonders if Loki took back the casket.

Cap explains that he has not but they believe he has a more sinister plan. Hulk puts Reptil up on his shoulder. Thor retorts that not all of them do. Cap tells them to look at the facts.

He tells Iron Man, Tony, to go over the lizard attacks. He asks if there is footage. Iron Man pulls it up and thanks JARVIS. The footage shows the lizard stomping down the street.

Cap explains that a creature attacked the city today and that despite its size and strength they defeated it easily. He says they defeated it too easily according to him and Thor.

Thor says that Cap believes so, but not he. Cap continues to reason that Loki sent the creature to distract from his real plan, which Thor discovered while in Asgard. He has Thor take over the briefing.

Thor says he thought it was less of a scheme and more of a jest. He explains that Loki is accusing someone of false crimes and offers a great reward for his capture.

He opens his hand and shows an image of Jolnir and the reward. He explains that Loki's target goes by many names. The image of Jolnir begins spinning. Thor says in Asgard he is known as Jolnir and on Earth he is Santa Claus. The image of Jolnir changes to one of him wearing a red stocking cap.

Thor laughs at the idea of Santa Claus. Iron Man also laughs and asks about the red suit, white beard, belly like a bowl full of jelly, and flying sleigh. The others stand around watching him. He continues laughing at the idea of a reindeer with a glow-in-the-dark nose.

He thinks a bounty on Santa is too funny. He looks around wondering why only he and Thor find this funny. He thinks the others can't be serious.

Cap glares at him asking if he doesn't look serious. Marvel chimes in saying he always looks serious. Cap replies that he has good reason. Cap claims that while it may sound funny Santa Claus is no joke.

Iron Man then asks JARVIS to go through the physics of Santa, the simple version. JARVIS says it would be his pleasure and changes the image of Jolnir to Earth.

JARVIS says that for simplicity he will assume there are two billion children on Earth. He pulls up the number hovering above the rotating Earth as well as an image of children and a house. He says that using a census average of three point five children per home it would mean Santa has to visit five-hundred seventy-one million homes in one day.

He has an image of Santa's sleigh and reindeer rotating around the globe along with several clocks below. JARVIS continues saying that given thirty-one houses, accounting for time zones and Earth's rotation, Santa would have to visit five-thousand one-hundred sixteen point five houses per second while traveling at four-thousand forty-three miles per second between stops.

Reptil and Hulk look at the globe enraptured. JARVIS beings talking about sheer volume but Iron Man interrupts saying that is enough. He turns to Cap saying the point is it's impossible and that he knew that as a kid.

Hulk tells Reptil to get off and shrugs him away. Reptil asks him to wait but falls anyways. Iron Man claims that it doesn't take a genius to see this "scam" is impossible.

Reptil moves out from behind Hulk claiming that nothing is impossible if they believe. He walks over to confront Iron Man, then stops and looks around realizing he is the center of attention. He nervously apologizes.

Cap responds that Santa may have incredible power, enough to bend spacetime.

Thor pipes up saying Loki could use the Casket of Ancient Powers to take Jolnir's power. He says both are in Alfheim. However, he says this has gone on too far claiming that Jolnir is a legend and a myth. Captain Marvel jokingly points out that so is he.

Iron Man relents that maybe Jolnir is Thor's cousin, but claims he isn't Santa because there is no Santa. Wanting to prove he is right, he suggests going to Alfheim.

Thor claims that Heimdall will not open the Bifrost Bridge to mortals for such a folly, and agrees he shouldn't.

Iron Man replies that they won't need his rainbow bridge when they have his Dimensional Gateway Transporter Bridge Thingamajig. He lands in front of it saying he is still working on the name.

Thor calls this a fool's errand. Cap tells him he should stay there wand work on Plan B: doing Santa's job if something goes wrong. Cap walks up the ramp saying he can do that with Hulk.

Hulk puts his arm around Thor, says "Ho ho ho," and claims they will have a holly jolly time. Thor growls at the idea.

Reaching the top of the ramp, Cap asks Iron Man if this device is real. Iron Man wonders why, if they're going on a Santa quest, he is asking if his technology is real. Cap relents then asks if it has been tested.

Iron Man says that the first phase of testing started right then. He presses a button on his wrist and the machine activates. The center of the circle fills with a swirling blue light.

Captain Marvel tells Reptil there will be joy to another world. Reptil gets excited at the thought of meeting Santa Claus.

In Alfheim, a man rides a reindeer along a path. He looks around and sees someone in a cloak standing on the path. The cloaked man looks up as the rider approaches.

The rider asks if the man is well or requires help. The cloaked man asks who takes pity on "these old, cold bones." The rider introduces himself as Commander Athidel of the Emerald Guard, and says he is of service.

The cloaked man laughs and stands up straight. He lifts his staff and the cloak rips apart revealing Loki, with the guard instantly recognizing him. Loki says Athidel has a good eye and thanks him for his service.

Loki walks around the reindeer saying that Athidel is in more need of it than him. Suddenly the guard is blasted from behind by Ymir. The lord of ice fires a continuous blast. When he stops, the reindeer collapses.

Laying on the ground, Athidel has his hands frozen together. He looks up as Loki asks him to direct them towards the nearest Casket of Ancient Powers. Loki scowls as he tells him they are in a hurry.

Back at the tower, Reptil claims to know Santa Claus. He knows the stories, the songs, and all the names of the reindeer.

Inside, Iron Man works on a console with the dimensional machine still going. Behind him, Reptil sits on a projection table while Cap and Captain Marvel work. Reptil calls himself a Santa freak and says he could be a big help on the mission.

Cap points out that this isn't a training mission. Reptil reluctantly agrees but says no one knows more than him what is at stake. He jumps down to the floor saying Santa has to be saved. He claims that is why he wants and needs to go.

Reptil adds that if he meets Santa and becomes his best friend he would be fine with that. Captain Marvel says she is sold but the decision isn't up to her. Cap says it's his and he's afraid he has made it.

He leans over to the boy. Calling him Humberto, he says they will resume his training when this is over. Reptil looks downtrodden.

Iron Man says he is surprised. He points out that the kid believes but he thinks it is a sham. He claims the boy's attitude would offset his. He says if ever there was a mission for him to join this is it.

Cap relents and allows Reptil to go. The boy gets excited asking if he's serious. Iron Man says Cap is. Cap then adds that Reptil will be Iron Man's shadow. Captain Marvel points out that Iron Man walked into that one.

Reptil jumps in the air promising Cap won't regret this, unless he screws it up but he won't. Iron Man hovers over to him saying if he does he'll never see Earth again. He says he is kidding and offers an "Iron High Five." As he hovers by he slaps Reptil's hand.

Reptil pulls his hand back in pain. Captain Marvel asks why he is helping out if he thinks the mission is a loser. Iron Man turns to her saying he is always right and it's his duty to prove it. Marvel suggests he has no holiday plans. Iron Man lands on the platform saying he is selfless too.

Iron Man announces that they are clear for takeoff. Cap, Reptil, and Captain Marvel move over to the platform. Iron Man tells them there is a small chance they will be separated, and adds he means their molecules.

As they all get on the platform, Cap asks what the chances are that the machine will actually get them to Alfheim. Working on his gauntlet, Iron Man says it's a hundred percent chance. JARVIS chimes in saying the chances of getting to Alfheim safely is seventy-eight percent.

Cap scowls at this fact. Iron Man jokes that if you round up it's basically one-hundred percent. Iron Man drops his faceplate and reminds JARVIS that they agreed to use "fuzzy math." JARVIS retorts that he said math and Iron Man said fuzzy.

Iron Man walks forward into the portal followed by Marvel and Cap. Reptil stops and looks around before stepping in.

In Alfheim, a portal opens and the four heroes step out. Marvel looks around and wonders if they are surrounded by cookie trees. Reptil says they are and they look good.

Reptil reaches to grab a cookie when an arrow stops him. He says he lost his appetite as more arrows land around them. Reptil changes his arms, Marvel charges her hands, and the others ready for battle.

Iron Man suddenly relaxes and says it's safe and sound. They look around and spot an army of elves surrounding them pointing their bows and arrows at them. Iron Man points out the angry archers but jokes they get souvenir glowing arrows, so that's a win.

One elf walks forward and introduces himself as Malitri, captain of the Emerald Guard. He demands that they release Commander Athidel on the count of three and begins counting.

Cap tells him to wait as they don't have any commander. Iron Man steps forward offering to handle this.

He approaches Malitri, calling him Malitrio and using flowery gibberish. He tries to say he doesn't know what Malitri is talking about and asks for help finding someone. The other heroes look around to see if it's working.

The elves suddenly let loose a salvo of arrows that land around their feet. Malitri says his mockery is a path that leads to woe for him, calling him an armored interloper.

Iron Man continues, calling him a spritely comrade, trying to say the pointy ears has confused him. He bows before the captain. He looks up at Malitri giving up and saying he isn't good at the fancy talk. He claims the elf would love Thor, then asks the others why they didn't bring him. He claims this is right in his wheelhouse.

Malitri says he grows tired of Iron Man's prattle. He points his sword at the armored hero and orders the others to dispatch him. The archers let their arrows fly.

Iron Man sees the arrows coming at him. He says if he doesn't like his fancy talk he should dispatch this and fires energy from his hands destroying the arrows.

Once done, he looks around wondering where Malitri went. The elf appears behind him and smacks him down with his sword. Cap's shield suddenly knocks the sword out of the elf's hand and flies back to the hero.

Malitri orders the other elves to capture them by any means necessary. The elf archers charge the heroes. Marvel charges her hands and flies up. Cap throws his shield.

An elf falls to the ground near Iron Man as he fires his hand beams. Arrows fly all around him.

Reptil grows a tail and charges. He whips around slamming it into an elf. However, another continues his charge.

The archers let their arrows fly.

Marvel hovers above the battle looking down watching Cap block an attack, Iron Man fires his beams, and the archers firing their arrows. She says it's time to separate the boys from the other boys.

She charges her hands and dodges a salvo of arrows. She fires down at the ground causing an enormous blast in the middle of the battle. The blast engulfs the entire area.

When the blast dissipates Marvel hovers in front of Cap and Iron Man. She asks them to hold and start over. She tells the elves they are there to protect Santa Claus, or Jolnir as they would know him.

Malitri says that the Emerald Guard protects Santa Claus, and they do not require the help of outsiders. Marvel retorts that the point is they are on the same team. She explains that the other team is Loki and Ymir, and they have a head start.

Malitri says the two are a treachrous threat but they are more than able to counter them. Iron Man says he believes them before pointing out that their commander is missing causing Malitri to scowl.

Cap steps forward suggesting that Loki and Ymir are using their commander to find the Casket of Ancient Powers. He says if it's true then they need to work together to get there first. Iron Man agrees with his teammate.

Malitri asks why the elves should trust them. Reptil approaches him saying that Santa's safety is at risk and nothing else matters. He then offers the elf captain a big toothy grin.

Malitri looks from the smiling boy to the others. He relents and orders them to follow him. He turns and walks away.

The heroes all look aorund at each other. Iron Man asks Reptil how he did that. Reptil says he has no idea but it was pretty cool. Iron Man reasons they must think he is a fellow elf, an easy mistake.

Meanwhile, the city glistens in the night with numerous buildings sporting decorations.

Thor and Hulk walk amongst enormous decorations, such as a Santa on a sleigh and reindeer. Snow gently falls. As they pass a group of presents, Thor says he is still perpelxed. Hulk wonders by what.

Thor wonders what the purpose of the sleigh and reindeer are. They walk through a grouping of snowmen as Thor ponders the need to deliver gifts in one night. They stop and look at the enormous Santa and reindeer. Hulk says it's the holidays.

Thor asks if he likes this. Hulk says he doesn't like it, he loves it. He asks Thor if wants to know why. Thor claims this is the question he has been trying to answer for hours.

Hulk decides to explain why Christmas rocks. He picks up a small toy of Santa and asks if he has heard of him. Thor asks if he is mocking him. Hulk says he is just making sure.

Hulk holds up a present explaining there is Santa and presents, which children love. He says Santa can fly and presents can be anything such as a toy pony, a real pony, or anything. He says it's not just ponies, then wonders if he should start over.

He decides to keep going and reiterates there is Santa and presents. He wonders if he said that already, and can't remember. Thor looks on in disbelief. Hulk continues saying there are songs, cookies, sleigh bells, {C|sweater|mshaff}}s, pine trees, big socks, snowmen, and pie.

Hulk brings his hands together causing an enormous shockwave. He explains that the next morning you're sitting on a brand new pony. Thor says that was no help at all.

Around them, the displays lay scattered. A man stands nearby looking around perplexed.

Back on Alfheim, numerous gingerbread men cookies stand around in a forest. The spaceship sits nearby having landed.

Inside, the raccoon tells Groot that he picked the right wormhole to Alfheim. As they disembark, he says he owes Groot a burrito. Groot says he is Groot.

The raccoon holds up a device that scans the area. He wonders what kind of fever dream this place is. He scans the enormous cookies wondering if they grow gingerbread men around there.

Groot speaks up and the raccoon agrees that he would like it. The two start walking forward.

The raccoon reads the displaying explaining that Jolnir's file says he rides a sleigh. He reasons that if they find the sleigh they find their target.

Groot suddenly stops and looks at one of the cookie men. As he stares at it, the cookie's head tilts up slightly. Groot looks confused and rubs his chin. He reaches out and grabs one of the candy buttons and pulls it off.

As Groot is about to take a bite, the raccoon tells him to stop as it's probably stale. Groot looks back to the gingerbread man when the cookie suddenly punches him in the face and catches the button.

On the ground, Groot rubs his face. The cookie looks down and reattaches his button. Groot gets angry, says his name, and throws a punch smashing the cookie apart.

The remains of the cookie's frosting face looks around at its crumbled remains.

Groot stands and looks around. He sees numerous other cookies stand and approach. The raccoon berates him for causing the gingerbreads rise. The gingerbread men approach from all directions. The raccoon says that the only thing to do when stuck in the cookie jar is to eat them.

The raccoon readies his gun and fires at the approaching cookies. He hits them as they come from all directions and he cries out. He then starts shooting the tree branches causing them to fall on the cookies.

Groot reaches behind him, extends his arm, and grabs a cookie. He throws the cookie into another. The first cookie keeps flying before smashing into four others.

Groot reaches for another cookie and throws him. He continues grabbing and throwing cookies while the raccoon continues firing.

The duo stop attacking and the raccoon comments that there is nothing left but crumbs. Just then a severed head rolls by. A gingerbread man stops it and puts it on his shoulders so he has two heads.

Behind the two-headed cookie several more cookies stand up having pieced themselves together. The raccoon calls them zombie cookies as they once again approach.

The raccoon leaps onto Groot's back and tells him to run as fast as he can. Groot runs off past the approaching cookies. They stop as the duo flee, still growling amongst themselves.


"Midgard rejects your frozen villainy, Ymir, Ice Giant of Niflheim."
"The ice will silence you, Thor Odinson."

-Thor, first line of feature, and Ymir, first line

"Yeah. Less talk, more rocks, Goldilocks."

-Hulk, first line

"Here's my question: why is an ice giant on Monuriki Island? I mean, it's not really an ice-friendly location like, say, someplace cold."

-Iron Man, first lines

"Stay on task, Iron Man. We need to find that casket before it's opened."

-Captain America, first line

"Eternal winter in a box? Nope, not seeing it. Would long summer on a stick work?"

-Iron Man

"Ymir and the Casket of Ancient Winters are as powerful as they are old, Iron Man. Trifle with them at your peril."
"I'm not trifling, Hammer-time. I'm judging."

-Thor and Iron Man

"Whoa! Iron Man just became Iron Rocket."

-Reptil first line

"You're here to observe as a trainee. That's what you do on a ride-along."
"Technically, it's more of a fly-along."

-Captain America and Reptil

"Don't go too far, kid. We're about to wrap this up."

-Captain Marvel, first line

"Time to make some ice scream."


"Get it? It's a play on words."
"Not bad, Hulk. I mean, for you."

-Hulk and Iron Man

"What did I do during the best ice monster beach brawl ever? Boat check."


"Drop the scepter, Loki."
""Drop the scepter, Loki" or what?"
"Or I'll...I...Uh...Just drop it!"
"It's a fair question, Childasaurus. Perhaps you should return when you can answer it."

-Reptil and Loki, first lines

"It's over, Loki, one way or the other!"
"Yes, even the best-laid plans of immortals go awry, thanks to your friends. At least we can agree on that."

-Reptil and Loki

"I'm trying to remember all the positives of a big hole in the sky. Nope. There are none."

-Iron Man

"Enough ice follies."

-Captain America

"Well, I'm afraid this is where you and I part ways, pre-hero. I, to a new beginning, and you, to oblivion."


"Is there any way to do this without hugging?"
"This hug is saving your life."
"Then I'd rather perish."
"As would I."
"Stop complaining and hug for your life."

-Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel

"Oh! Hey, Cap. Mystical vortex troubles? Funny, we were just discussing that very topic. Hulk has an interesting theory."

-Iron Man

"He's out cold. Don't worry. I got this. Kid! Wake up! Yeah, no good. Hey Hulk, how about a little help?"

-Iron Man and Hulk

"For my encore, I will pass out."


"I tell the tale of Jolnir."
"Oh, stop. I've heard this tale. Jolnir is a silly legend. His kind and generous winter antics are a fairy tale to amuse Asgardian children and gullible Frost Giants. It's utter nonsense."
"No. Jolnir is nearly as ancient as I am, and just as real."

-Ymir and Loki

"Part Frost Giant, part Elf. Jolnir was born with immense power. But instead of using that power to rule, he squandered it on helping those too young and weak to help themselves...Children. Today, Jolnir is better known as Santa Claus. And each winter, he brings gifts to all children of the nine worlds in one night."


"Ho ho ho ho ho."

-Past Santa Claus, first line

"Such a monumental feat is impossible to all but him. Such power. And if we could harness that power, none on Earth could resist."
"Yes, I am well aware of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is beloved, celebrated. Songs are sung in his name. Hmm...Using him to dominate the very beings that adore him...Well, that's just too devious to resist."

-Ymir and Loki

"We lost one casket. But there is another. The Casket of Ancient Powers. It can transfer even the greatest abilities from one being to another. And, like Jolnir, it too resides in Alfheim."


"The hunt is on for Santa Claus."


"Did young Cap take no for an answer? Did young any of us?"
"No. And we all made mistakes. Mistakes I'm trying to help him avoid."
"He'll learn from his mistakes. We did."

-Captain Marvel and Captain America

"He's a one-man dino-band. You know who else had skills like that? Dinosaurs. And look how things turned out for them. Wait. Bad example."

-Iron Man

"Tell me you didn't use my private bathroom again."
"I like your shampoo. Smells like candy canes."
"Candy? Hulk, that's not shampoo. That's foot cream."
"I still like it."

-Iron Man and Hulk

"Tourist? He doesn't look local."
"No, but he's making himself at home."

-Iron Man and Captain Marvel

"No one makes a mess in my house."
"Except you."

-Hulk and Captain Marvel

"Really? Rampages make us all look bad, extra-large dino-noob."


"You wanna walk away or fly away? The flying option involves punching." [Creature roars at him] "Have a nice flight."


"Does this work?"
"For a job interview or date, no. But for this, it's perfect."

-Reptil and Iron Man

"There's no 'but' in 'team.' Or something like that."

-Iron Man

"How'd you know that would work?"
"I didn't. I just wanted to see what would happen."

-Captain Marvel and Iron Man

"That's what I love about you, Stars and Gripes. Your glass is always half full. Of sour milk."

-Iron Man

"Eighth's time a charm, pal. Honestly, I feel good about this."
"I am Groot."

-Rocket Raccoon and Groot, first lines

"Jolnir, a.k.a. Santa Claus. Mass burglary, animal cruelty. Stealing cookies from kids? Well, this guy's a real piece of work. And the reward is...Whoa!"

-Rocket Raccoon

"Ah, Alfheim, the most joyous of the nine realms. How can anyone stand a place this happy? Even elves?"


"Red suit, white beard? Belly like a bowl full of jelly? Drives a flying sleigh? Reindeer with a glow-in-the-dark nose? Whoo. A Santa bounty. Too funny."

-Iron Man

"Don't I look serious?"
"Sure. But you always look like that."

-Captain America and Captain Marvel

"It may sound funny, but Santa Claus is no joke."

-Captain America

"Jarvis, can you walk us through the physics of Santa? The simple version."
"It would be my pleasure. For simplicity, we'll assume there are two billion children on Earth. Using a census average of three point five children per home, that's five-hundred seventy-one million homes for Santa to visit in one day, or thirty-one hours, accounting for time zones and the Earth's rotation. This would require Santa to visit five-thousand one-hundred sixteen point five houses per second while traveling at four-thousand forty-three miles per second between stops."

-Iron Man and JARVIS, first lines

"Nothing is impossible if you believe."


"But this has gone on too far. Jolnir is just a legend, a myth."
"Kind of like you, Thor from Asgard?"

-Thor and Captain Marvel

"Ho ho ho. We'll have a holly jolly time."


"Your device is real?"
"We're going on a Santa quest, and you're asking if my tech is real?"
"Fine. Has it been tested?"
"Sure. Phase One of testing started...Now."

-Captain America and Iron Man

"Joy to another world, huh, kid?"
"Yes! We're gonna meet Santa Claus!"

-Captain Marvel and Reptil

"I promise you won't regret this. Unless I screw up. Which I won't."
"If you do, you'll never see Earth again. Just kidding."

-Reptil and Iron Man

"What I don't get is, if you think this trip's a loser, why make it happen?"
"Because I'm always right, and it's my duty to prove that."
"Or you have no holiday plans."
"Because I'm selfless too."

-Captain Marvel and Iron Man

"By the way, there's a small chance we'll get separated. And by 'we' I mean our molecules."

-Iron Man

"Wait. Are those cookie trees?"
"Yeah. They look good."

-Captain Marvel and Reptil

"See. Safe and sound. Sure, there's an army of of angry archer elves targeting us, but we get souvenir glow arrows. That's a win in my book."

-Iron Man

"Forsooth, good Malitrio, Life Elf of the Light Elves. We know not of whence hence you speak. We instead seek to query you on a quandary most dire."

-Iron Man

"Your mockery is a path that leads only to woe, armored interloper, for you."
"No, no, my spritely comrade. Your pointy-eth ears have...Math mistrewn-eth the words coming from my...Mine yon lips, and...Look, Ear-Kabobs, fancy talk isn't my thing. But you'd love Thor. Why didn't we bring Thor again? This is right in his wheelhouse."

-Malitri and Iron Man

"Well, one thing to do when you're stuck in a cookie jar...Chew 'em up!"

-Rocket Raccoon

"What the sprinkles...?"

-Rocket Raccoon

"Perfect. Zombie cookies."

-Rocket Raccoon


  • In the Fantastic Four episode "To Battle the Living Planet", Thing similarly calls Thor Goldilocks.
  • Iron Man mentions using ice as the perfect weapon, having seen it in a movie. It's unknown exactly which movie he's referring to. This may be a reference to Die Hard 2, in which the main hero uses an icicle to kill someone though the movie never shows it melting.
  • Iron Man calls Thor "Hammer-time," referencing the song U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.
  • Captain Marvel calls Ymir "Permafrosty," a reference to the song Frosty the Snowman and permafrost.
  • Iron Man's line about there being nothing good about a sky portal is a reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe film The Avengers. Iron Man went through a portal and nearly died resulting in PTSD in Iron Man 3.
  • In actual Norse mythology, Jolnir is another name for Odin, who himself is part of the inspiration for the modern concept of Santa Claus.
  • The shot of the creature in the RV's mirror is a recreation of a famous shot from Jurassic Park, where it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the mirror. That film featured Marvel Studios's Avengers series actor Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Iron Man's dimensional device resembles the titular device from the Stargate franchise.


  • Everyone on the island was frozen nearly instantly. Yet someone vandalized the lifeguard sign to cross out "On Duty" and write "On Ice!".
  • When Ymir crashes after getting the ice shard stuck in his butt the hole he is in has smoke lifting up, but nothing about the situation involved heat and it wouldn't be due to Ymir's temperature difference since the Casket of Ancient Winters already froze the ground.
  • Iron Man, Thor, and Captain Marvel can all fly yet none help Reptil when the sky portal closes. Worse, Iron Man wastes time to yell at him then make a joke about it when he could have used that moment to fly up and catch him.
  • Captain America scolds Reptil for taking on Loki alone. Yet he never addresses the fact that, as the boy points out to him, Reptil did try to warn the others but was ignored.
  • After dodging the crane, Captain Marvel chides Reptil on improving his reflexes. Yet in the previous shot he clearly saw the crane and dodged in time so his reflexes are fine.
  • When Hulk is sent through the suit store it's reasonable that the hat was caught on his head, but there's no way the shirt could have gotten on him.
  • Glass half full represents a positive outlook, but Captain America was being negative. Iron Man should have said his glass is always half empty.
  • The camera footage of the lizard attack is clearly just reused footage.
  • When calculating the physics of Santa, JARVIS fails to take into account children who don't celebrate Christmas which would drastically reduce the number of houses he would have to go to.
  • Captain America makes a big deal about the Jolnir mission not being appropriate for Reptil since he is in training. But it is unknown why exactly the earlier mission with Ymir and the Casket of Ancient Winters was any different.
  • Reptil is the last to enter the portal in the tower but the first to exit in Alfheim. The others are in the correct order.
  • Captain America doesn't take his shield with him through the portal, and it isn't seen until he throws it at Malitri.



Actor Role
Mick Wingert Iron Man/Tony Stark
Matthew Mercer Captain America/Steve Rogers
Gingerbread Men
Travis Willingham Thor Odinson
Fred Tatasciore Hulk
Grey Griffin Captain Marvel
Troy Baker Loki
Antony Del Rio Reptil/Humberto Lopez
Trevor Devall Rocket Raccoon
Kevin Michael Richardson Groot
Steven Blum Santa Claus/Jolnir
Jane Singer Mrs. Claus

Roger Craig Smith is the only cast member not to reprise their role from Avengers Assemble, with Matthew Mercer taking over as Captain America. Mercer did play Tiger Shark and Hercules on the series.

Grey Griffin and Antony Del Rio reprise the roles of Carol Danvers and Reptil from The Super Hero Squad Show. She would go on to play the role in Avengers Assemble, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man.


See also Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! (Video) Full Credits.
Job People
Executive Producers Alan Fine
Brandon Auman
Joe Quesada
Jeph Loeb
Cort Lane
Stephen Wacker
Co-Executive Producers Stan Lee
Eric Radomski
Supervising Creative Director Eric Radomski
Producers Kenneth T. Ito
Howard Schwartz
Supervising Animation Producer Mitch Schauer
Written By Mark Banker
Directed By Mitch Schauer


Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! was announced at the New York Comic Con on October 9th, 2015.

In this video, Santa Claus is given an Asgardian-based background. In the comics, is Earth-born figure Saint Nicholas and said to be the most powerful mutant ever. This was presumably changed because 20th Century Fox owned the film rights to the X-Men and mutants which caused a feud with The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Entertainment who then reduced the use of mutants in all Disney-Marvel owned properties. This was eventually resolved when Disney purchased Fox and the rights to the X-Men returned to Marvel.

The Casket of Ancient Powers is an original artifact to the series.

It was released on December 11th, 2015.

The film is rated PG for fantasy action by the MPAA, PG in Australia, 6+ in Russia, and PG in the United Kingdom.


Brian Costello of Common Sense Media gave the film three out of five stars saying it will be a hit among its intended audience. he claimed those looking for high-quality animation, nuanced heroes, and noirish stories will be disappointed. He called the story silly and unoriginal reminiscent of Saturday-morning cartoons, differing only in its self-aware quips. "Those expecting anything more than a holiday special with obligatory nods to the True Meaning of Christmas will be disappointed. But for parents who have grown weary of the superhero animated features that are filled with profanity, cynicism, and graphic violence, MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES: FROST FIGHT! might be a welcome respite -- and perhaps even a nostalgic look back to a time when superheroes weren't constantly wrestling with their inner demons while trying to rescue a humanity wearied of the havoc they unleash but were instead, you know, heroic."[2]

The video has a 5.1 on the Internet Movie Database and a 31% among users on Rotten Tomatoes.

Home Video

Similar to Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United, the movie was released on Digital HD and On-Demand through select services on December 11th, 2015[3]. There is no current plans for a physical release. The film became available on Disney+ starting in 2020.


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