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Marvel Era
Marvel Era.PNG
Beginning date 2013/2014 (Series Pitch)
Producers Brad Graeber

Marvel Era is an unproduced animated anthology series.


Brad Graeber, the CEO of Powerhouse Animation, pitched an idea for an anthology series to Marvel in 2012 or 2013. The series was planned to coincide with Marvel's 75 anniversary. The idea for Marvel Era was "short stories for each decade of Marvel history- and to have each short inspired by the art/animation of that 'era" according to Graeber.[1]

According to Graeber, there were 14 rough concepts, including:

"A 40's Captain America d-day story in the style of Fleischer studios, a Sub-Mariner U-boat story, a 60's X-Men story that featured a mutant who led a cult with his powers.[2] There was also a very cinema 70's Luke Cage and Iron Fist, an 80's Punisher story that leaned into Scarface and Miam Vice, and a Deadpool story made based on cheesy 90s cartoons."[3]

A short video was created to pitch Marvel Era to Marvel.[4]

According to Graeber, Marvel Era was scrapped due to inner company politics. This led to Powerhouse Animation producing Castlevania instead.[5]



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