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Marvel Battleworld
Battleworld Mystery of the Thanostones.PNG
Beginning date June 17, 2020
End date June 16, 2021
Number of Episodes 12
Season One
Season Two

Marvel Battleworld is an animated series that was created as a tie-in to the tabletop game of the same name by Funko.


By using the Thanostones, Thanos has created a new planet called Battleworld and has trapped various heroes and villains on Battleworld to keep them out of his way while he destroyes their planets. Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Ham, Groot and Throg must join forces to find out what Thanos wants and why they have been brought to this strange new planet.

Later, Loki schemes with Thanos to win back control of Thanos' Battleworld, but what the Mad Titan doesn't realize is that Loki is after a mythical weapon: The Twilight Sword.


Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones was created as a promotional tie-in for the Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones tabletop game.


Marvel Battleworld lasted two seasons consisting of six episodes each.


Actor Role(s)
Rebecca Shoichet Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers
Ian Hanlin Throg/Simon Walterson
Thor (Ultimate)
Beta Ray Bill
Giles Panton Iron Man/Tony Stark
Jesse Inocalla Spider-Ham/Peter Porker
Deven Christian Mack Thanos
Brad Swaile Groot
Richard Ian Cox Pork Grind
Michael Daingerfield Captain Americat/Steven Mouser
Michael Dobson Ultron
Brian Drummond Red king
Alex Zahara Red Skull


Name Position
Alex Bland Director
Adam Jeffcoat Director
Seth Watkins Director
Hannah Campbell Production Supervisor
Corinne Cavallaro Producer
Kalia Cheng Executive Producer
Brian Mariotti Executive Producer
Guy Thompson Executive Producer
Brian Ng Producer
Kirstie Phillips Production Supervisor
Hazel Wright Production Coordinator
Alexandra Yee Associate Producer
Mark Hoffmeier Writer
Fearghas Hilton Music


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