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Marvel Anime: Iron Man
Marvel Anime Iron Man Promo.jpg
Beginning date October 1, 2010
End date December 17, 2010
Number of Episodes 12
Original Channel Animax (Japan)
G4 (United States)
Sci Fi Channel (Australia)
Previous Series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Next Series Marvel Anime: Wolverine

Marvel Anime: Iron Man is a Non MAU series that will be part of the Marvel Anime series along with Marvel Anime: Wolverine, Marvel Anime: X-Men, and Marvel Anime: Blade. It was the sixth series to prominently feature Iron Man after The Marvel Super Heroes, Iron Man, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, The Super Hero Squad Show, and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Tony Stark decides to retire as Iron Man and travels to Japan to train a group of pilots to try out the Iron Man Dio Armor as his replacement, as well as supervising the new Arc Reactor that would give Japan free energy. Things begin to fall apart when the Dio Armor is stolen by the organization known as Zodiac. Tony is forced out of retirement to once again wear the Iron Man Armor to defend Japan from Zodiac. Along the way, he must also investigate AIM as well as facing off against his former friend Ho Yinsen. But when he learns that Dr. Chika Tanaka is a Zodiac agent, he discovers a conspiracy to use his technology to make Japan a major military power once again.


Japanese Voice English Voice Character
Keiji Fujiwara Adrian Pasdar Iron Man/Tony Stark
Takako Honda Laura Bailey Chika Tanaka
Shizuka Ito Eden Riegel Nanami Ota
Jin Yamanoi Travis Willingham Nagato Sakurai
Jin Yamanoi Unknown Ramon Zero
Hiroaki Hirata Kyle Hebert Ho Yinsen
Unsho Ishizuka Neil Kaplan Kuroda
Hiroe Oka Cindy Robinson Pepper Potts
Rikiya Koyama Milo Ventimiglia Wolverine
Unknown Daran Norris Nomura
Unknown Troy Baker Ohno
Unknown Benjamin Diskin Ichiro Masuda
Unknown Michael Donovan Nakai
Jean-Benoît Blanc
Vic Mignogna
Tony Oliver
Kirsten Potter
Michael Sinterniklaas
Additional Voices


Animation was done by the Japanese company Madhouse. The animation is a combination of traditional animation with computer generated imagery.




See also Marvel Anime: Iron Man Episodes.

Like the other three Marvel Anime series, Iron Man only lasted twelve episodes.


The visuals in the opening theme song is based off of the film Iron Man 2.


R.L. Shaffer of IGN gave the series a 7 (Good) out of 10. He said that this series and Marvel Anime: X-Men weren't perfect and were flawed in structure and execution. He claimed that neither series succeeded in capturing the magic of the comic books. Though he did feel that Iron Man was more faithful than X-Men and featured less filler with having a better grasp on Tony Stark. The fewer characters left more room for character development and the action was engaging. He felt that while it was flawed the series was more emotional and action packed. He did say the English dub was strong. "The Iron Man Anime is much better than the X-Men Anime, but it's still not a perfect melding of the two mediums – comic books and anime. However, if you're an Iron Man lover, you should definitely consider checking this one out, if only to see how the adaptation came to life under a Japanese eye." [1]

James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age said that while he was not a fan of anime he enjoyed the series. He noted that the series was certainly not perfect but was enjoyable. He enjoyed the mature take on the character that not just focused on action but on the business and political ramifications of his actions. He felt this series was slightly weaker compared to X-Men as it took some obvious breaks with the narrative and gets sidetracked. He did enjoy the finale as it wrapped up the story. He complained that the series had a villain of the week format, though they did factor into the overall story. He did feel that the Wolverine cameo was useless serving no purpose. He did enjoy the voice acting, though felt that Pasdar was too stiff as Tony but fit into the role around the second half. He said the series stayed true to the comic book and had a good story giving fans something to enjoy. "Overall, Iron Man Anime is a worthwhile installment of the Marvel Anime line, despite the hiccups here and there. While the onslaught of somewhat repetitive enemies does get a bit tiresome, the characters and their respective personalities does save it. Toss in some solid animation and voice acting and it’s a fairly good product overall. It does have the tendency to drag or get off-track on occasion, but overall I found it pretty fun, mostly thanks to the enjoyable characters. The best part feels like Iron Man. It brings the characters alive in a respectful manner that no fan should be able to pass up. [...] It’s not the best Marvel Anime product, but it is one that is easily accessible and quick to pick up." [2]

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