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"Avengers Assemble!" is the fifty-second episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the series finale. It originally aired on June 28, 2012 in Australia and November 11, 2012 in the United States. The episode was written by Christopher Yost and directed by Roy Burdine with Frank Paur as supervising director. It is the final part of an animated universe created by Yost that started with the Wolverine and the X-Men episode "Hindsight, Part One". The final resolution, original to the series, was eventually used in the comics the following year.

Iron Man meets with Captain America where he admits that he feels like the world has gotten worse thanks to the Kree and Kang, wondering how history will remember the Avengers. Just then, the sky fills with flying boulders. The Avengers meet at Stark Tower where they are greeted by Terrax, who calls himself the herald to the devourer Galactus. Iron Man attacks but is blasted away through a building across the city. The Avengers engages him but Terrax easily overpowers the entire team then begins building an enormous machine. Iron Man returns explaining that three other heralds have arrived and are building similar machines across the planet.

The Avengers find that the planet is surrounded by the forces of earth, wind, fire, and water trapping everyone on Earth. An enormous ship descends over New York City and Iron Man theorizes that it holds Galactus. Captain America explains that the Skrulls claimed Galactus was a kind of space-god. Iron Man realizes he is out of his depth and, not wanting to screw anything up, hands command of the team to Captain America. The soldier then calls every hero they can together. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor give a speech to the gathered superheroes saying the fate of humanity is resting on them. They separate into five teams to defeat the cosmic foes that have come to face them. Their goal is to destroy the machines at all costs.

Thor, Vision, Luke Cage, Black Widow, and Falcon head to the frozen tundra to battle Air-Walker. Winter Soldier, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Black Panther, and Ant-Man head to a volcano to fight Firelord. Thing, Wolverine, Human Torch, Hawkeye, and Wasp fly to the middle of the ocean to fight Stardust. Captain America, Spider-Man, Quake, Iron Fist, and War Machine stay in New York to battle Terrax. Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Yellowjacket, Mister Fantastic, and Doc Samson head to the ship to stop Galactus himself.

Terrax uses the flying boulders to protect the machine. Winter Soldier fails to shoot the formless Firelord, who then uses the volcano's lava to sweep away Hulk. Wolverine and Human Torch find that their attacks go right through Stardust. Air-Walker disappears from Thor's assault and uses the wind to knock the others off the machine. Vision realizes that the heralds are constructions created by Galactus and not actual lifeforms. The heroes in the ship marvel at the awesome size of it, realizing that an enormous corridor is actually a simple wire to its controller. They enter a chamber and find Galactus himself, a gigantic figure larger than any they have ever encountered. Yellowjacket tries to shrink him down but the planet eater merely returns to normal then blasts them.

On the ground, Spider-Man takes Terrax's ax away and Captain America breaks the herald to dust. War Machine and Quake then destroy the machine. Invisible Woman sucks the air out around Firelord weakening him so Hulk can thunderclap him away. Winter Soldier uses a rocket launcher to blow up the machine. Human Torch overwhelms Stardust and Wasps blows him up from the inside. Hawkeye uses his explosive arrows to collapse the machine. Thor shocks Air-Walker allowing Vision to blow him up. Black Widow uses planted bombs to bring down the machine. This angers Galactus who teleports to the ground. Towering above the buildings, he rebuilds the machines then begins consuming the planet.

Mister Fantastic reasons that Galactus is not a villain like any they fought before, but a force of nature feeding on anti-matter. Iron Man wants to open a wormhole but Mister Fantastic retorts that if they send Galactus to another universe he would just return. Iron Man explains that he wants to send Galactus to the Negative Zone, which is filled with anti-matter energy. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel and War Machine try to hold Galactus back but are ineffective. Thor arrives and is able to hold him off, claiming that the realm is under his protection, but is not able to defeat him.

The heroes on the ship open the wormhole keyed to a particular cosmic energy sucking the ship, the machines, and even Galactus into it. The wormhole closes but Captain America stays ready. Soon, a rift opens and the planet eater emerges trying to return. Thor and Iron Man fly up offering one final blast knocking Galactus back through and closing him off for good. The four elements surrounding the Earth float off into space as the planet is safe once again. The Avengers gather in the streets congratulating each other on a job well done. Captain America notes to Iron Man that they are surrounded by thankful citizens saying the Avengers' place in history looks good.

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