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Marvel Adventures
Marvel Adventures Vol 1 1.jpg
Tie-In Series The Incredible Hulk
Fantastic Four
Silver Surfer
Iron Man
Beginning date April, 1997
End date September, 1998
Number of Issues 18
Marvel Adventures Issues
Writers Ralph Macchio
Bob Budiansky
Penciller(s) Andy Kuhn
Ben Herrera
Alex Saviuk
Inker(s) Rob Stull
Armando Durruthy
Harry Candelario
Al Milgrom
Colorist(s) Kevin Tinsley
Publisher Marvel Comics

Marvel Adventures is a comic book series based off the shows of the Marvel Animated Universe. It ran from April 1997 to September 1998.


Marvel Adventures was an anthology series with each issue focusing on a different hero in the Marvel Animated Universe. These were original stories not based on any episodes.


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