Mariah Crawford
Real Name Mariah Crawford
Alternate Identity Calypso
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability; Animal Senses
Allies Joseph Robertson
Curt Connors
Family and Friends Kraven the Hunter (Boyfriend)
James Reeves

Dr. Mariah Crawford is a doctor, lover to Kraven the Hunter, and good friend to Spider-Man.


After her colleague Dr. James Reeves went missing, Mariah traveled to Africa with Sergei Kravenoff to find him. While in the jungles, the two fell in love. They found James who developed a formula to protect himself from the jungle but became like a feral animal. He gave the serum to Mariah and left. When Sergei was hurt protecting her from some hyenas, she used the serum to help him. Unfortunately, he turned almost feral and went to New York City.

She followed and tried to develop a cure for him. When Kraven confronted Mariah, Spider-Man appeared and stopped him. She told him what had happened and continued with the cure. However, Kraven believed that Joseph Robertson, who was hiding her, was having an affair with her and kidnapped him. She gave the cure to Spider-Man who rescued Robbie and helped Kraven. The two then returned to Africa together.

Later, Spider-Man began to develop a further mutation and Mariah was called to help reverse the problem. When Spider-Man turned into Man Spider, she had Kraven help track the beast. The two tracked him to the parking garage of the World Trade Center where Punisher was captured. The two men subdued Man Spider giving him the cure. He returned to normal and she stopped Punisher from finding out his secret identity.

While in Africa, Mariah contracted an unknown disease while trying to study it. Sergei gave him the serum she had once given him, which turned her into a feral creature. She returned to New York and Kraven followed. She began attacking people and Spider-Man thought it was Kraven. Debra Whitman helped Mariah so she was not feral but kept her powers. She and Kraven fled and were not heard from again.


Mariah was voiced by Susan Beaubian.

First version seen outside the comics.

The name Mariah Crawford was created for the series in addition to her being a doctor and friend to Spider-Man.

Her comic book name of Calypso is used only as a pet name by Kraven. It is not stated if she used the name after getting powers.

In the Comics

She is a nameless voodoo priestess.

She enjoyed making Kraven angry and increasing his hatred of Spider-Man to the point where he killed himself.

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