Maria Taina Elizando
Maria Taina Elizando
Real Name Maria Taina Elizando
Family and Friends Timmy Elizando (Brother)

Maria Taina Elizando was a young girl who had a significant impact on the life of Spider-Man.


At a young age, Maria was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She went to the Wish Come True Foundation for Terminally Ill Children. Her final wish was to meet her hero Spider-Man. She sent a letter to The Daily Bugle hoping it would be passed along.

Eventually Spider-Man arrived. He demonstrated his web shooters then took her for a swing across the city.

However, they encountered Doctor Octopus and the hero lost his memory. Ock convinced him they were partners.

Maria found Mousie and the two used got all the taxis across the city to keep a lookout for Spider-Man. They found him and he got his memory back.

Spider-Man took her back and revealed that he was actually Peter Parker, the man who takes photos of Spider-Man for the Bugle. She promised to keep his secret for the rest of her life.

It is unknown what happened to her afterwards. Presumably, she eventually succumbed to her illness.


Maria was voiced by Stephanie Eustase.

Maria was an original character to the series. In the original story, The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man, the terminally ill child was a boy named Tim Harrison. Maria mentions a brother named Timmy, referring to the story.

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