The Mandroids confronting Iron Man
Members Several Unnamed Men

The Mandroids are the armored guards of the Vault.


The history of the Mandroids is unknown.

The Mandroids got their technology from Stark Enterprises. During the Armor Wars, Iron Man entered the Vault, a prison for supervillains, to destroy Stark technology. Hawkeye came to defend them though he failed to stop Iron Man.

A group of Mandroids were protecting a train when they were attacked by the Masters of Evil. Several were hospitalized.


The first version of the Mandroids outside the comics.

The Mandroids seen in "The Armor Wars, Part One" are clearly based on the Guardsmen, an entirely separate group. This would make the first appearance of the Guardsmen outside the comics as well.

The actual Mandroids from the comics appeared in "Cell of Iron". However, Iron Man called them Guardians.

In the Comics


Mandroids were used to fight the Avengers during the Kree-Skrull War.

S.H.I.E.L.D. used Mandroids to fight Iron Man during the Armor Wars.

Glenn Talbot had Super-Mandroids created that became known as Hulkbusters.


At first, the only Guardsman was Kevin O'Brien, whose armor was created by Stark to help Iron Man in case of emergency, but the untested brain interface drove Kevin mad, so he betrayed Iron Man and accidentally died in a fight.

Kevin's brother Michael tried to avenge him wearing the Guardsman armor, until he found the truth. He would later become security head of the Vault and all guards got Guardsman armor provided by Obadiah Stane.

It was Captain America, then using the name Captain, who fought Iron Man in the Vault.

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