Alternate Identity Mandarin
Powers and Abilities Mandarin's Rings
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Mandarin is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Mandarin is an enemy to Iron Man.


Early life

The man that would one day become the Mandarin found a crashed space ship. As the man explored the space ship he found ten rings. The man studied the rings and discovered that each ring possessed a different power. The Asian man, now calling himself the Mandarin, planned to use his new found power to conquer Earth.


Mandarin used a space laser to destroy Tony Stark's home. However, Tony was not at his mansion at the time the laser hit. Mandarin planned to use Tony's death to lure Iron Man into a trap. Iron Man soon discovered that the Mandarin was behind the attack and went to his castle in Asia. However, Mandarin was able to capture Iron Man. Mandarin then revealed to Iron Man that he had designed a new kind of missile and that he was planning to sell it to every military on Earth. Mandarin would then sit back and watch as the armies of the world destroyed themselves. With the armies of the world gone no one could stop the Mandarin and he would become the ruler of Earth. Mandarin also told Iron Man that he had launched his missile to test it. However, Iron Man was able to break free from Mandarin's trap and forced the missile to change direction and destroy the Chinese military base. The Chinese military believed that Mandarin had betrayed them so they began to hunt him down. However, Mandarin managed to escape.

After his defeat at the hands of Iron Man, Mandarin wanted revenge. Mandarin teleported Tony Stark to his lair in China and intended to use Stark as bait for Iron Man, unaware that Stark was Iron Man. Mandarin then unleashed a giant robot called Ultimo to help him conquer Earth. However, Iron Man was able to destroy Ultimo.

Mandarin later began to use a tractor beam capture missiles that belonged to the U.S. military after they had been launched. However, Iron Man was able to destroy Mandarin's tractor beam.

Mandarin once hired Swordsman to help him get revenge on Iron Man and the Avengers. Mandarin had Swordsman place a bomb inside Avengers Mansion. However, Swordsman was not a murderer and got the bomb out of the mansion before it exploded.

When people began to suspect that Tony Stark and Iron Man were the same person, Happy Hogan posed as Iron Man to keep people from learning the truth. However, Mandarin learned that Happy was inside the Iron Man suit and believed that he was the real Iron Man. Mandarin then teleported Happy to his castle in China. However, Happy was later rescued by Iron Man.

Doctor Doom used his Emotion Charger to increase the hatred of various super-villains and had them attack the Allies for Peace. Mandarin was one of those villains.


Mandarin was voiced by Bernard Cowan.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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