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Real Name Arnold Brock
Alternate Identity Mandarin
Powers and Abilities Mandarin's Rings
Team Affiliations The Hand
Allies Fin Fang Foom

Arnold Brock, better known to the world as Mandarin, is the arch-rival to Iron Man and leader of The Hand.


Mandarin’s Power

Arnold Brock believed he was destined for great things. As an archaeologist, Brock discovered the remains of an alien cave, belonging to Fin Fang Foom, Brock stole 10 jewels which granted him great power, and transformed his skin green, turning him into the Mandarin. Assembling a large number of supervillains who willingly worked for him, Mandarin wanted to take over the world, as all good green skinned men do. Defeated by Iron Man time and time again, upon dealing with Fin Fang Foom and his dragon brothers, Mandarin unwittingly nearly destroyed the world. He joined Iron Man in defeating the dragons, but lost all 10 of his rings in the process, and left the world believing he was dead.

Mandarin with his loyal servant MODOK

He traveled the world in hopes of finding them and finally succeeded before facing his final confrontation with Iron Man. He created the Heart Of Darkness, which emitted a fog that rendered all technology, including Iron Man’s armor, completely useless. Once defeated in a final battle with Iron Man, he lost his memory, and had his rings, and his hand stolen by mountain bandits.


Mandarin was voiced by Ed Gilbert in the first season and Robert Ito in season two.

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