Real Name Man-Wolf
Alternate Identity John Jameson
Powers and Abilities Incredible Strength, Agility, Speed, Healing, and Durability; Heightened Senses; Sharp Teeth and Claws
Family and Friends J. Jonah Jameson (Father)
You may be looking for Man-Wolf's alter ego John Jameson.
For the Ultimate Spider-Man episode see "The Man-Wolf".

Man-Wolf is the werewolf like alter-ego of astronaut John Jameson.


Physical Therapy
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When John Jameson was on Counter-Earth he was captured by the High Evolutionary and experimented on, trying to alter his human DNA to that of Bestial DNA. He was almost turned into a Bestial but was rescued by The Rebellion before that could occur. However part of his DNA had been spliced with Bestial DNA during the operation so whenever John Jameson got angry he would become the Man-Wolf. Man-Wolf tried to hurt Dr. Naoko Yamada Jones during his time as Man Wolf but was stopped by Spiderman. He then reverted into John Jameson. When Spider-Man and John Jameson went to Wundagore Castle John Jameson got angry again and became the Man Wolf once more. The Counter-Earth Electro aided Man-Wolf in his fight with Spider-Man, but Electro was defeated and Man-Wolf reverted into John Jameson.


Man-Wolf was voiced by Scott McNeil.

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