Real Name Man-Spider
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Powers and Abilities Greatly Enhanced Strength
Team Affiliations Spider-Men

Man-Spider is an alternate universe equivalent to Man-Spider.


Like the main universe, Spider-Man suffered from a mutation that caused him to become Man-Spider. This version initially adapted to the mutation and covered his extra arms and gave them webshooters. However, when he joined the Spider-Men, he unexpectedly mutated further as Spider-Man had. He attacked the other Spider-Men but was returned to his own dimension by Beyonder, who used the last of his strength to do so.

What happened to him afterwards is unknown.

Powers And Abilities

Man-Spider had greatly enhanced strength but his other powers are unknown. They are presumed to be the same as main universe version's powers.


Man-Spider appears to be a very feral creature. He apparently has no memories of Peter Parker since he attacked other Spider-Men without hesitation. He also lacks any ability to speak.


Like the main universe, Man-Spider is voiced by Jim Cummings.

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