Man-Spider (Ultimate Spider-Man)
Real Name Man-Spider
Savage Spider-Man
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Powers and Abilities Greatly Enhanced Strength and Durability
Enhanced Agility
Webbing Generation

Man-Spider, also known as Savage Spider-Man, is the mutated form of Spider-Man.


When Spider-Man and Wolverine travelled into Savage Land in order to find Ka-Zar, Kraven the Hunter and Taskmaster kidnapped Ka-Zar's faithful friend Zabu. Ka-Zar was desperate to find him so Spider-Man and Wolverine agreed to help save him.

However, Kraven and Taskmaster tried to prevent them from doing so. Kraven fired a poisoned dart at Spider-Man. The poison from this dart caused Spider-Man to transform into a spider-like monster, dubbed "Man-Spider". He grew four extra arms and sprouted fangs on his face and claws on his feet and arms. Man-Spider attacked Wolverine and Ka-Zar and started to fight them. He had an upper hand and quickly defeated them by shooting the webbing at them. Then he escaped into forest. Meanwhile Ka-Zar told the Wolverine that there is an antidote that can reverse the effects of poison.

Man-Spider encountered angry Tyrannosaurus, the same one he and Wolverine fought earlier, and due to his enhanced abilities he defeated it quickly and almost effortlessly. Then he wanted to eat it. Because of this he moved it into the other place and started to make fire. However Wolverine tackled Man-Spider and Ka-Zar cured him by using a Savage Land skunk to spray him, restoring Spider-Man to normal.


Man-Spider is very savage, aggressive and violent character. He does various things apparently on instinct. He also lacks ability to speak.

Powers and Abilities

Man-Spider is extremely strong and agile since he was able to defeat huge dinosaur almost effortlessly. He also can produce webbing without web-shooters.


The voice actor for Man-Spider is unknown.

This version of Man-Spider is a reference to Man-Spider from Spider-Man.

In the Comics

While Spider-Man grew four extra arms, he didn't mutate into a spider-like creature.

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