Real Name M'Baku
Alternate Identity Man-Ape
Powers and Abilities Enormous Strength
Team Affiliations White Gorilla Tribe
Allies Klaw
Man-Ape is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

M'Baku, also known as Man-Ape, is a man who briefly held the crown of Wakanda.


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M'Baku sought the throne of Wakanda. He allied himself with Klaw and HYDRA to take the throne. In exchange for their help, he would give them access to Wakanda's vibranium reserves. He fought T'Chaka for the throne killing the king. T'Challa took the Black Panther outfit and fled to the United States of America.

T'Challa returned with the Avengers. Black Panther and Captain America fought Man-Ape. Cap fought the guards while Black Panther challenged Man-Ape for the throne. The king used a sound device given to him by Klaw, but Black Panther eventually killed him. With his country his own again, T'Challa took the crown but returned to America as an Avenger.


Man-Ape was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

In the Comics

While the Wakandans worshiped the black panther, M'Baku revived a banned cult that worshiped a white gorilla.

Tried to take the throne while T'Challa was away in America.

Has also teamed up with Living Laser.

Teamed up with Grim Reaper after he was defeated by Black Panther. Then kidnapped Black Panther's American girlfriend to lure him into a trap. Was then defeated by Captain America.

Forced to wander the world after T'Challa decreed that if he returned to Wakanda he would face the death penalty. Found work as a mercenary.

Briefly joined the Masters of Evil.

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