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Magnet Mayhem
Magnet Mayhem.PNG
Release date July 22, 2018
Distributor Marvel Entertainment
Running Time 1:30
Previous Video Rooftop Rock

Magnet Mayhem is a short film. In it, Spider-Man and Iron Man face off against Vulture.


At a harbor port with thousands of cargo containers, Spider-Man is being chased by Vulture. Vulture nearly drops a cargo container on Spider-Man. However, Iron Man arrives and catches it. Spider-Man shoots a webline at Vulture's feet, but Vulture flies off dragging Spider-Man behind him. Iron Man shoots the webline with his Repulsor Beam and Spider-Man drops down. Vulture dodges Iron Man and Iron Man accidentally crashes into a cargo container. Vulture circles around to attack Iron Man. However, Spider-Man uses a giant magnet to attract Vulture's armor and trap him. Spider-Man and Iron Man laugh as the magnet attracts a large cargo container and it hits Vulture.








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